Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Elections for sale, get yer Elections here!

A quick +1 to our most recent post, below:  what we said about usurping the Teabaggers, one line, Matt Taibbi explains in waaaaaay more detail.  He is one of the best writers around, period!  This also goes to an older post we did when Citizens United came down.  Another blow to democracy, courtesy of the bushies.

Friday, September 24, 2010

New theory, Same experiment

Sorry that we haven't been doing as much of the HHHIGHpocrisy thing as we used to; J has been the silent one as our separate bi-coastal lives and families keep rollah-ing along.  Most of every topic these days seems to find hypocrisy all by itself, without us having to dig.  But we are trying to develop a more cohesive theory to enlighten our two followers, without relying on links to the pros to do it.  Just to prove how amateurish we can be, here are some random musings, such as:  the system sucks, of course it's broken!  And by 'system', we mean a 2-party political system (no other viable parties) beholden to corporate benefactors (even more unchecked in their influence thanks to a right-wing Supreme Court that gave us Bush v. Gore long before Citizens United), where the minority regularly beats up on the majority by votes of 40 to 56-59, and where the mere threat of a filibuster (not an ACTUAL filibuster) is enough to stop s%^t from getting done.  Just once, I'd like to hear a real one, like on The West Wing, where the ol' guy starts reading the recipe book because his grandson has autism, until someone from Jeb Bartlett's office calls in the marker.  If only life could imitate art!  If only average Americans had a true voice, or a voice that rang true!

But no matter how off-base we are, let's play the blame-game anyway:

- The conserva-Doofs are so afraid of winning a few rounds, they're willing to tank the fight before it begins.  Latest example?  Not even bringing up a vote on tax cuts for the middle class, until after a mid-term election that some of them won't even win.  You can't vote later if you're sitting at home, genius!  These are the Ray Guys of Congress (punting reference, get it).  You can't tell them to grow some, because that train has sailed.  To borrow from a local radio ad, this is one of the biggest no-brainers in the history of mankind.  So naturally, Democrats blow it.  Or to borrow from old Brooklyn Dodgers fans, "Dem bums".  [We can't let go of that whole 'Obama is no Jackie Robinson' thing', it completes us.]

- Another sort of big picture comment re the level of dishonesty among the Republican leadership: it is so staggering, it has to be on purpose.  These so-called "leaders" can't possibly believe all the vile crap they're spewing or passively allowing to be spewed.  Maybe a few of these old white guys got together one day, looked around in search of a blueprint for success, and said, "Eureka!  The WWE!"  They call Linda McMahon and tell her she can run for Congress, but they want the script in advance.  Or she approaches them, either way, how else to explain it?  The whole demonizing of Obama is all for show; all the usurping of the Teabaggers also for show.  Politics on steroids, but still just for the money and the ratings.  Hey, true story: I interviewed Jesse the Body and a few other pro wrestlers back about 25 years ago, for college radio, remember J?  Not one broke character.  Same formula works today.  These a$$-hats, they know he's not a secret Muslim socialist.  He wasn't a commie when he was in the Senate.  He wasn't a commie when his books came out or when he delivered his famous race speech.  He's not a commie now, but more on that failure at bottom.  It's the WWE come to elections: no matter how outrageous the character (Palin, Bachmann, O'Donnell), no matter how weird the costume (tea bags on hats), there's just a good guy vs. a bad guy (often a fer'ner), some oblivious 'ref' distracted in the middle, and the script says the good guy doesn't always get to parade around the arena with the belt on.

Obama's ideas have so many Republican origins, it seems his role model is looking like Reagan, really, not FDR, but Reagan?  But he's damned if he does or doesn't.  He hasn't ended any wars, hasn't touched defense spending, health care was watered down from the 1970s model, he hasn't fought for social issues that his base supposedly cares most about ('hi DADT, you still here?'), and he's perpetuated some of the worst abuses that his criminal predecessor began.  And those are some of his achievements (rim-shot sound effect).  Tip your waiters.  Speaking of tips, his econ team was Goldman Sachs, it's a miracle any financial reform was able to pass.  News flash: it's not about you; they don't care what you do.  They are such sore losers, they have to rig the next game in order to win.  Country first, my a$$!  And they don't want to govern either.  So sad that the average person is either too ill-informed or too busy trying to stay afloat but that is what happens when the visceral appeals to the lowest common denominator, it preys on fear and the unknown.  These soul-less liars can't stand up to the crazy, either, because that would be too civil.  If you say the other side is the anti-Christ, how do you deal in good faith?  [Plus, they would have no chance to win again].  So they foment even more Crazy, and the weirdest part is how much money comes in from an elite few, not from any so-called movement. 

- So the corporate-owned media has a liberal bias?  No way to deal with that level of batshade.

- And lastly, back to the big O himself: we've said this repeatedly, there has been a complete disconnect between Campaign O and Commander O.  We're not in the inner sanctum, which presumably has some blame there too, but we're not talking puppet and strings here either.  He said the buck stops with him.  Well, awesome for you, dude, but the rest of us need our bucks to work and to eat, and to save whatever fading hope that our kids can have better lives.  [You know, even if those aren't the same opportunities you had, what happened to rewarding hard work and effort?] 

I wish we had the answers.  I wish a lot of things.  I wish I could come up with a better ending to this post!  But no matter what sports analogy we try here, even a theory as implausible as pro wrestling, life is not a game.  Go read our older posts: we're witnessing some serious empire decline; and just when we need a system that works the most, we get a couple loud-mouth gasbags throwing chairs into the ring and running off camera while the idiocracy screams and claps for more.  You can't write a worse ending. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another blog?

With a post like this, we may have to up our blog roll to 14. Red meat, blue meat, it's all American meat. And that is not meat you can beat. [We catch on quick]