Monday, November 12, 2012


Gotta say, I was not as nervous last week as I might have been, since I was tracking and Sam Wang long enough to know better.  What a relief not to have to rely on the batshade bubble.  But let's also give ourselves an 'A' for what can best be labeled a post-geography lesson:

In Romney's 2 'home' states, Michigan and Massachusetts, Obama won.  In Paul Ryan's Wisconsin, Obama won.  In Florida, Obama won, eventually (we would have preferred a bit more dominance via Ryan's Medicare-killing budget in the land of the senior).  The electoral map still shows the red & blue states, but let's do something Rs cannot: be honest with ourselves.  Romney could not have won the popular vote if you were looking solely at where the majority of people live!  Leave aside that his only saving grace was a 90-minute side-show in Denver in early October.  Leave aside the fact that he had 0 foreign policy experience for a job that requires a lot more than 0.  Romney beat himself (!), because he was never able to be himself in front of enough voters who lived where he needed them to live. 

Sure, last Tuesday was a great victory for those who believe in social justice and the fairness of the system.  Not just because of Obama.  Lots of other good people won, too.  The estimable Maureen Dowd wrote a longer version of this over the weekend.  It wasn't just 'pass/fail', but we passed with flying colors after all:  mostly blue, with some purple in there for effect.  Welcome to America! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Time's up

We really tried to capture the essence of the crazy in our prior post, but along comes The Rude Pundit, with his "A Filthy End to the Filthy Campaign of a Filthy Liar".  And that pretty much says it too. 

For the higher-browed (is that even a term?), we also give you the masterful eloquence of one Charles Pierce.  Well worth the reading time.  Money quotes (2):
When you see a lunatic wandering down the sidewalk, howling at the moon and waving a machete, it is not fear that makes you step inside your house and lock the door. It is the simple logic of survival. Fear is what keeps you from trying to tackle the guy and wrestle the machete away from him. And, as much as it may pain some people to admit it, the president is the only one stepping up to do that at the moment. 
... Obama owes the disgruntled. Romney owes the crazy. And that makes all the difference.
We could not resist adding this last number from today's Rude Pundit, one more money quote but read the entry, it's short enough.
Romney has nothing, offers nothing, is nothing, other than white and rich, which is, sadly, to our great disgrace, enough for nearly half the nation. He never had a chance.