Saturday, January 22, 2011

Opening for K.O.

Dear Mr. Olbermann,
If taking your voice to the Internet is allowed under the terms of your separation agreement, J and not-so-silent Rollah will welcome you here with open arms.  We could not think of a more deserving, more necessary partner.  Join at your earliest convenience.  We'll even let you have editorial control over content.  [smiley face emoticon intentionally omitted]
Kind Regards until we see you again.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011: return of the batshade?

UPDATED/edited: On Saturday, I called my friend who lives in Tucson.  There are some crazies there, no doubt you've seen and heard.  You know who's drawn to crazy?  Yep, none other than the Batshade Queen herself, the Motherlode of crazy.  Here's my favorite take yet on the quitter queen.  But peel all the layers away from all of this mess, and the bottom line is still this: she never was nor will ever be qualified to hold high office, to be President of these United States.  Anything else just hides the HIGHpocrisy!
And we're off.
Adding: compare her screed (short version: but enough about me, let's talk about me), to the real President's speech at the memorial tonight.  Night and day, black and white, huh?  Obama's portion was certainly inspirational, and very respectful.  Dare we say, 'presidential'?  No way could Batshade pull that off, ever, under any circumstances.  She tries to inject herself once more into the limelight, a fleeting starlet wannabe who knows her 15 minutes are up.  She won't leave the stage, but she was only ever a puppet to begin with.  So, we will try to follow Obama's words and avoid the cynicism that underscores our never-read little site here.  We can live up to our children's expectations, and we hope that HIGHpocrisy becomes more farcical, but less disruptive.  And we're off, again.