Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some & Others

Seriously one of the dumbest headlines I can recall coming from the NY Times.  Who are these people?  Who are the 'some' and who are the 'others'?  Are they the same, the some?  Or, is there another other? 
Again with the false equivalency, oh free press, really?  Peaceful sit-in, camp-out style protesters get pepper-sprayed and arrested, but tea-baggers carry guns and signs threatening violence, nothing happens... exactly the same thing.  And why exactly shouldn't the D party be moved to the left?  That's where it is supposed to be; not the right (conservadems, blue dogs), not even the middle (independents for a reason), not at the intersection of Crazy St. and Nutbar Ave., but as a counter-vailing alternative to the far right movement that re-branded 'hijacked' the opposing political party... Speaking of alternatives, how about a nice story on how the R-led House has not put forth 1 single piece of jobs legislation since last year's election.  Not 1.  Dem somes of bitches!

PS, Bill Maher was on Rachel last night, saying the same thing about the Dems, that they need a push from the left.  Of course he has a forum to say that, he also has a TV show!  We have the best little blog that no one ever reads or has ever heard of, so there.