Tuesday, September 30, 2008


courtesy of TPM's Election Central:
"So yesterday McCain blames Obama and Dems while calling for no more fingerpointing.
Today he denies having blamed them while releasing an ad blaming them."

And now this, from AMERICAblog, on his 'running mate':
"I mean, seriously, why is she incapable of giving patently obvious answers to patently easy questions?"

Monday, September 29, 2008

meltdown (the GOP kind)

Forget the U.S. economy; that's been tanking for awhile. We're talking some serious blubbering by the Boner! wah, wah, speaker pelosi hurt my colleagues' feelings!?!?! really, pelosi offended them to the point they turned on THEIR OWN LEADERSHIP, including econ./war hero POW mcgrampy? pelosi? what would've been next, calling harry reid a bully?

Good thing his campaign came out over the last few days to spin how he was so instrumental in getting the votes for the deal that didn't pass.

He couldn't phone it in, but he did; he was bipartisan but he wasn't; it was his singular leadership but the bailout failed to pass. These morons are just bad liars, and now they're bad people -- I would like to ascribe even more evil to their very real madness, but to do so implies they planned all of this out, that this is the result they wanted and were so many steps ahead of everyone else as if their unique game of chess was even a game. Based on all the $%^& they've pulled in just the last few weeks, that's impossible. They're not that clever.

update to 'not that clever' - mcnuts can whine and kick and scream all he wants about what a tough cookie nancy 'I cave on everything' pelosi is, but he didn't. he made it about obama. seriously! we need to add an infinite number of Hs to this rating scale of Highpocrisy, b/c this old man is rolling home. Lost it! [if he ever had it to begin with] Can someone who's not a partisan hack please give me just 1 example of how mcwhiner is now fit to hold the highest public office? or his soulmate?

Palin v. Biden

Since Obama had borrowed a couple of good lines from the movie The American President, I was hoping that the 1st debate last Fri. also had a little West Wing in it. As in, 2002 episode, when Martin Sheen’s president was having to face off against the Republican from FLA, played by James Brolin, here’s the quote: “In case you were wondering, "Crime... boy, I don't know," is when I decided to kick your ass.” I was hoping that Obama could've whispered a similar sweet nothing into grandpa’s dishonorable ear. Maybe he did; and maybe that's why mcsneer was so lacking in common human decency.

But this week's VP debate, Biden's in a real pickle. We know from Palin's 'interviews' w/ gibby and katie, 2 tough tyrants of the media, that she can't think for herself, b/c she's been too busy cramming. SNL's opener this weekend had Tina Fey again, and some of the script was taken literally from palin's own crap-fest w/ couric.

It's not like Joe can look at the moderator and the camera and say, "WTF? I can't respond b/c I have no F-in idea what she's talking about!" Anything like that and mcangry will cry sexism (-- our highest rated HHHHHighpocrisy for mcnuts' campaign claiming she's qualified and ready to be anything but hockey mom and then not letting her out of the cage -- ). And b/c Joe has his own gaffe-track, he can mess up even w/o palin goading him. how does he attack w/o being patronizing, at the same time all he really needs to do is let her bury herself?!? he's in a no-win situation. just like obama will be slammed for being too nice and thoughtful and respectful, when that's exactly who he is, biden may still get slammed if he's the opposite. so how does he expose the fraud that is palin?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Worst. Liar. Ever.

i've lost track of all of mcgeezer's lies. He's not even trying to hem and haw. 'F the truth,' he must be thinking. 'I've lied for so long now, what's another day or two, or month, or year. I'll be gone soon enough.'

update: if the boundless t. bounds (as in, no bounds to my lying), mcnuts' spokesperson, actually did try to claim accdg to huffpo that mcsame should be credited for a deal that has not yet been finalized, then even if gramps had suspended his campaign, which he lied about and didn't actually do, then this would be yet another lie related to and layered on top of that lie! these doofwads need some serious counseling.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Highpocrisy, wuss or guts edition

There's a lot of traffic right now on some of the sites I follow (Americablog, TPM, ThinkProgress) and a great new piece by 1 of my faves, Bob Cesca, all related to McGeezer's announcement that he's suspending his campaign to help solve a financial crisis he and his lobbying buddies helped create. There's no mccain in HHHighpocrisy, but there are sure lots of Hs.

Obama has a great chance here: he can slam mcAged 2 ways:
- either calling him on being a wuss, to man up, skip the purported pre-debate nap and deal w/ this latest BS (others are writing that the president shld be able to walk and chew gum at the same time).
- Or, Obama can call him on the hypocrisy of taking ownership of a problem he and his geezer cronies helped facilitate. As in, "I'm glad to see my hypocritical, lying, delusional, dishonorable opponent finally now admitting that his policies and inaction have done their damage..."

Alternatively, Obama could choose to simply play along: OK, the nap's not enough. mcgramps needs his down-time. I'm ahead in all the polls; that shouldn't change much if no one sees the other guy lying every dang day. When mcsenior has had enough R&R, I'll be waiting.

Cesca might be right, that mcnuts won't make it to the election. what happens then? does palin become the default nominee? do they need another convention? she never got any votes from what i can recall. does obama win by forfeit? if someone knows, please comment.

Monday, September 22, 2008

babies and bathwater edition

now faced with the worst economic crisis in many generations, Americans (intellectually lazy and w/ a heavy tinge of racial bias) will once again rely on their elected officials to bend over for another notch in the bush bedpost of how he's screwed this country. The good ol' lawbreakers and extreme war criminals will once again have their way w/ Democratic 'leadership' who cannot be counted on to stand up to the worst president ever, even when the issues and facts and the pesky public are all on their side.

never mind that Dems still control congress or have for 2 years. FISA and warrantless wire-tapping? cave. torture and gitmo? cave. bush yells 'boo' and the reids and pelosis run away in horror. heckuva system of gov't we got here.

I guess bushie's last shot at idolmaking will not be a trillion dollar war but an economy so in the tank for the privileged few that even if obama overcomes that racial bias and wins, he won't be able to advance the country. Progress being the key action item that the bush years will never stand for. shrewd and selfish, petulant and arrogant to the bitter end of his term, if he can't get anything he wants, well, dammit, no future president will either. F the country, he's got a li-bery to build.

In the newly hallowed grounds of 5H HHHHHighprocrisy, this latest plague on all the houses completes him, revealing yet again w's utter contempt for gov't, Constitution and country.

England, we tried. Had a good run for 200+ years, but a democracy of, by and for the people apparently was not meant to be. FOR SALE: 1 confused and sick hybrid of a socialized debt/privatized profit, corporatist/neofascist police state w/ no functioning checks and balances. Hurry while supply lasts. Willing to relocate to Alaska for end times.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Easy H

A simple and single H for the Highpocrisy that has George ("Macaca") Allen speaking at a 'unity' rally in Northern Va., to reach out to minorities. Nothing says, 'I'm here to atone for a past racial slur that you should not have been offended enough by to unseat me from Congress', than to put the guy right back out on that horse (no slurs of horses intended). Hope someone brings a video camera.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bizarro world, U.S.A.

John Ridley has his Palinguage, 3 volumes, on HuffPo; MSNBC uses Palintology; I've seen others w/ similar variations of the same theme that we are living in an alternate reality. My own little take of how, in 2008, we are living anything but the ‘American’ dream as a collective nation, part HHHHHighpocrisy, part absurdity. Not an exhaustive list by any means:

McCain: 26 yrs in DC, the 'deregulator', top lobbyists paid to run his campaign, but now favors regulation and he's the agent of change???
+ Palin (whom he had met one frickin time): experience ??? [her teleprompter read had meaning and power; Obama’s speech was empty rhetoric; pta-hockey mom-small town mayor qualifies her for VP; mayor and Gov. Tim Kaine not so much; 20-yr old community organizing + verifiable list of accomplishments for Obama, nope not enough either. Geography, not expertise in, just physical proximity to a border = foreign policy.] Her own list is endless

Questions are never allowed, unless their friendly. Otherwise, questions are sexist.
MSM are journalists who fulfill their duty of vetting candidates for the highest office. And who, earlier, had no complicit role in selling a war. Fox doesn’t = propaganda.

An endless war that costs countless lives, millions of refugees, destruction of a country = winning/have won. [more context: WMDs, liberators, private contractors, oil, etc. – this one alone could fill a blog]

Dissent = un-American. We don’t torture. We don’t spy on American citizens.
Faith & politics OK; religion & politics not too bad either
Abstinence only = teen pregnancy = family values if marriage imminent.

Some votes count more than others (e.g., votes for your candidate, not the other person’s; even in tiny towns w/ small-town values. To borrow from Dr. Seuss: a person’s a person, no matter how small(-minded).

Can anyone imagine the Doom on Earth that would ensue if Obama had made even 1 of McSame's gaffes, at any time, let alone all of them, all the time? Plus the lying. Un-real.

Wake up, middle America, you are not going to get a beer with McSame, or moose stew with the lone wolf hunter. They hold you in contempt. They want you to be sheep. And if they don't, then the people really pulling the strings certainly do.

You're out of order, this whole election's out of order.

Augment with your own lists...


not quite in the realm of assigning an H or 2 for McSame's highpocrisy, but why isn't there more focus on the total lack of vetting in his veep pick? yes, the economy's now tanked, that sucks. but the guy met mcmoosey once, a few months earlier! No one called to ask Qs of her staff or anyone she knew in AK? They called her the day before the pick was announced. We all know he wanted LIEberstooge, but caved to the far right anyway. That, + the total lack of vetting, raises a serious question of fitness for the office. I've seen a few posts on this, but nothing sustained...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin's hyprocrisy off the scales

But one mere tip of the Alaskan iceberg that is her max. '5H' HHHHHighpocrisy: following the Gibson interview on ABC, I thought she was just another bushie, but I guess she wanted to be another reagan too? How transformative! That is 1 ambitious moose-lover we got there. New slogan: “what gets hunted and skinned for stew in Wasilla, stays in Wasilla.” Sub in [what gets shot from a helicopter w/ a rifle for sport, dies in Wasilla] -- interchangeable punch lines.

If only LIEberstooge hadn’t been coaching her so well on foreign policy… and that was the softball stuff from gibby. No wonder she was sequestered. Let her out alone, and she repeats the same lies from the RNC.

Another new slogan: “War, what is it good for? Not electing presidents.”


i'm changing our rating system from a 1-10 scale of hypocrisy (10 being highest) to a grading system based on the blog's title of HighPocrisy: how many capital Hs you get. As in,

My new favorite whipping person (whipping boy would be sexist) and inaugual HighPocrite, Carly Fiorina, is at it again: 1st saying that Sarah Palin couldn't run a major company (like HP) but she's not running for that gig. Then trying to clarify later that none of the candidates could, but none of them are running for HP CEO either. Weird? Not on the same day that Carly's former stomping grounds announced a layoff of over 24,000 (stemming from acquisition of EDS), perhaps 1/2 in the U.S. Carly, you can't be in the HighPocrisy hall of fame, b/c this site is only 1 day old, and I don't have an HoF yet. But way to kick things off. She started w/ a 7-8 on the old scale, but now gets 3 capital Hs for her HHHighpocrisy. No wonder she only got $21 mill when she was ousted from HP.

update: Carly sure is feeling it today, not that I can take any credit for her HHHighpocrisy... check out ThinkProgress.org and their excerpt from Rep. Wasserman-Schulz of Fla. Way to take the sting out Carly, by clarifying the difference betw. $40+ million and $21 million. Middle America, here she comes.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Someday, perhaps, we will move from blogspot and try to merge into http://www.rollah.com/. But for the remaining days until this year's Presidential election, we hope instead to expose as much hypocrisy as we can, in our own special stylings...

1st up: and w/ deference to the seriousness of the mounting economic problems , we note 1st that Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP, decried the SNL opening sketch w/ Tina Fey doing her best Sarah Palin impression, as yup, you guessed it, 'sexist'. On the HighPocrisy scale, it's about a 7-8 (out of 10? still working on the scale)... because when John McSame's campaign released the paris-britney ad claiming Obama was all celebrity, they said they were having some fun this political season and where's everyone's sense of humor? It's on SNL, Carly, or didn't you get the memo? Good thing SNL can't be taken seriously as some other non-comedy shows, like Faux News. Ya know the opposite of comedy? Tragedy. Or maybe it's drama. Either way, Ms. Carly Fiorina, ousted CEO of HP, our inaugural HighPocrite.