Monday, September 29, 2008

Palin v. Biden

Since Obama had borrowed a couple of good lines from the movie The American President, I was hoping that the 1st debate last Fri. also had a little West Wing in it. As in, 2002 episode, when Martin Sheen’s president was having to face off against the Republican from FLA, played by James Brolin, here’s the quote: “In case you were wondering, "Crime... boy, I don't know," is when I decided to kick your ass.” I was hoping that Obama could've whispered a similar sweet nothing into grandpa’s dishonorable ear. Maybe he did; and maybe that's why mcsneer was so lacking in common human decency.

But this week's VP debate, Biden's in a real pickle. We know from Palin's 'interviews' w/ gibby and katie, 2 tough tyrants of the media, that she can't think for herself, b/c she's been too busy cramming. SNL's opener this weekend had Tina Fey again, and some of the script was taken literally from palin's own crap-fest w/ couric.

It's not like Joe can look at the moderator and the camera and say, "WTF? I can't respond b/c I have no F-in idea what she's talking about!" Anything like that and mcangry will cry sexism (-- our highest rated HHHHHighpocrisy for mcnuts' campaign claiming she's qualified and ready to be anything but hockey mom and then not letting her out of the cage -- ). And b/c Joe has his own gaffe-track, he can mess up even w/o palin goading him. how does he attack w/o being patronizing, at the same time all he really needs to do is let her bury herself?!? he's in a no-win situation. just like obama will be slammed for being too nice and thoughtful and respectful, when that's exactly who he is, biden may still get slammed if he's the opposite. so how does he expose the fraud that is palin?


J-say said...

Not to worry Rollah.....Joe doesn't have to "win"! All he really needs to do is not say anything too goofy and look more "presidential" than Palin which shouldn't be very difficult at all. He could also take a page from the McGeezer playbook and just spout off a whole bunch of foreign leader's names and get her head spinning out of long you think it will be before she lapses into that cheerleader/Barbie/cutesy crap? There is no amount of preparation that can make up for the fact that she is a monumental mental midget. Short of some kind of Rovian mind meld there is no way she can look like she knows her ass from her elbow for more than 7 or 8 minutes. And speaking of preparation........Preparation H that is......when she takes the stage for the VP debate there will be a deafening squeek heard around the world from the collective puckering of 30 million GOP sphincters as they hold their breaths waiting to hear what kind of nonsense comes spewing from her mouth. I plan to buy some serious stock in that company! Check out Jack Cafferty's rant on CNN,
I love how Wolf (the wuss) Blitzer tries to defend her and Jack calls him on it. Blitzer.....when is he gonna grow a set?

J-say said...

Another in a line of absolutley incredible Palin-ologies......making victims of rape from Alaska pay for thier own rape kits!!! Apparently, the standard rape kits include a morning after birth control pill and of course "holy rollin dinosaur ridin Barbie" doesn't believe in a woman's right to choose so.......instead of being on the side of the victim, she makes the victim pay for their own rape, how unbelievably Christian!