Monday, September 22, 2008

babies and bathwater edition

now faced with the worst economic crisis in many generations, Americans (intellectually lazy and w/ a heavy tinge of racial bias) will once again rely on their elected officials to bend over for another notch in the bush bedpost of how he's screwed this country. The good ol' lawbreakers and extreme war criminals will once again have their way w/ Democratic 'leadership' who cannot be counted on to stand up to the worst president ever, even when the issues and facts and the pesky public are all on their side.

never mind that Dems still control congress or have for 2 years. FISA and warrantless wire-tapping? cave. torture and gitmo? cave. bush yells 'boo' and the reids and pelosis run away in horror. heckuva system of gov't we got here.

I guess bushie's last shot at idolmaking will not be a trillion dollar war but an economy so in the tank for the privileged few that even if obama overcomes that racial bias and wins, he won't be able to advance the country. Progress being the key action item that the bush years will never stand for. shrewd and selfish, petulant and arrogant to the bitter end of his term, if he can't get anything he wants, well, dammit, no future president will either. F the country, he's got a li-bery to build.

In the newly hallowed grounds of 5H HHHHHighprocrisy, this latest plague on all the houses completes him, revealing yet again w's utter contempt for gov't, Constitution and country.

England, we tried. Had a good run for 200+ years, but a democracy of, by and for the people apparently was not meant to be. FOR SALE: 1 confused and sick hybrid of a socialized debt/privatized profit, corporatist/neofascist police state w/ no functioning checks and balances. Hurry while supply lasts. Willing to relocate to Alaska for end times.


J-say said...

too true Rollah! I wish there were some way to chalk it all up to ineptitude or laziness on the part of our government, but there is just too much out there to suggest otherwise. It is always in the best interests of the republicans to run up the debt.....doing so leaves no money for the social programs they loathe so much. Of course when it comes time to pick a fight with some less than democratic, third world country, sitting on a sea of Uncle Jed's "texas tea" then the debt spigot is full blast and the I.O.U's are pouring out unabated......How is it that there is always money to fund a war, but always a government paralysis when it comes to funding education or welfare programs that provide places for people to sleep and food for kids to eat? How in the world can we possibly claim to be the best country on earth and continue to behave this way? There is certainly plenty of blame to go around,and the democrats that serve as our representatives, through their laziness, cowardice or just plain ambivalence are complicit in all this. Be that as it's a pretty good bet that the criminals that got us into this mess are not the ones to get us out. They should all be arrested and thrown in jail. Better yet, take away their guns, seize all their assets and make them permenent residents of the ever shrinking "middle class" so they can have a front row seat for just how well trickle down economics really works!

Hi Rollah said...

J-say, you're 1 of my heroes. Not as well-known as Keith, Bill or Rachel, but just as funny. All it took to destroy this country was a simpleton starting a war and then declaring himself a wartime president. Nice bit of puppeteering when you can get it.