Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Highpocrisy, wuss or guts edition

There's a lot of traffic right now on some of the sites I follow (Americablog, TPM, ThinkProgress) and a great new piece by 1 of my faves, Bob Cesca, all related to McGeezer's announcement that he's suspending his campaign to help solve a financial crisis he and his lobbying buddies helped create. There's no mccain in HHHighpocrisy, but there are sure lots of Hs.

Obama has a great chance here: he can slam mcAged 2 ways:
- either calling him on being a wuss, to man up, skip the purported pre-debate nap and deal w/ this latest BS (others are writing that the president shld be able to walk and chew gum at the same time).
- Or, Obama can call him on the hypocrisy of taking ownership of a problem he and his geezer cronies helped facilitate. As in, "I'm glad to see my hypocritical, lying, delusional, dishonorable opponent finally now admitting that his policies and inaction have done their damage..."

Alternatively, Obama could choose to simply play along: OK, the nap's not enough. mcgramps needs his down-time. I'm ahead in all the polls; that shouldn't change much if no one sees the other guy lying every dang day. When mcsenior has had enough R&R, I'll be waiting.

Cesca might be right, that mcnuts won't make it to the election. what happens then? does palin become the default nominee? do they need another convention? she never got any votes from what i can recall. does obama win by forfeit? if someone knows, please comment.

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