Thursday, September 25, 2008

Worst. Liar. Ever.

i've lost track of all of mcgeezer's lies. He's not even trying to hem and haw. 'F the truth,' he must be thinking. 'I've lied for so long now, what's another day or two, or month, or year. I'll be gone soon enough.'

update: if the boundless t. bounds (as in, no bounds to my lying), mcnuts' spokesperson, actually did try to claim accdg to huffpo that mcsame should be credited for a deal that has not yet been finalized, then even if gramps had suspended his campaign, which he lied about and didn't actually do, then this would be yet another lie related to and layered on top of that lie! these doofwads need some serious counseling.

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J-say said...

When I step back and consider the current state of this presidential campaign I am absolutley stunned. Really, you can't make this stuff up, it is like theater of the absurd! Come on people, wake up!!! Are there actually real people out there (who aren't sharing a brain)that truly believe McCain and Palin are qualified to lead this country?? Give me a break...... seriously, take your heads out of your sphincters and start thinking for yourselves! I guess people must figure that the bar has been lowered so far with 8 years of Bush nonsense that anything else would be an improvement. Well the scary part is that recent events reveal that things can certainly get worse! Check out Sam Harris' article in Newsweek
for a sobering description of "hockey mom-would be president"....YIKES!!! The idea that elitism is a bad thing is such hooey....same as when republicans use the word liberal and attach all kinds of negative connotations. All of this "bail-out" ballyhoo is starting to make my spider senses tingle. I find myself starting to entertain various and sundry conspiracy maybe this whole economic "crisis" has been fabricated to create enormous debt and prempt any substantive conversation about progressive change like universal health car and appropriate rntitlements for the truly needy. The repukes know they are going to lose so they protect the rich and leave nothing but debt for for the next administration. Not only criminal, unconstitutional and ethically vacuous, it is purely and simply EVIL!