Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It Lives to LIE Again

Well that was fast. The conclusions may be over the top, and too soon, but another bashwagon on LIEberstooge's latest (since last year, didn't we call him "LIEbertool", or was it "LIEberpunk"?) --
- the very, very clinically cynical says that his personal savior the big O, + fellow jew Rahmbo, are calling in their markers to have lil' joe take 1 for the team (the 'we can't break our secret deals' team); no public option for you, so might as well do the WH's bidding. Evil geniuses!
- the less overtly cynical says the guy was bought already; might as well do the industry's bidding. Not a coinkydink that most big insurers rest their greedy heads in his state.
- and the somewhat naive but still cynical-leaning says he's lied before, he'll lie again. It's not like he's going to get re-elected so what does he care?!
- with just a dash of attention-seeking tantrum thrown in to complete the brew: "Hey, did ya see how my esteemed colleague, the Senator from butt-munch, fared this week? Because now it's my turn! I had to stay quiet for months while so many others got to pitch their hissy fits, how do you think that made me feel? Wah-wah, not fair, wah-wah." Somebody give that guy a big binkie and plug his stinkin pie-hole.

On a broader and still funnier note, there could be LIEberspawn. HIGHpocrisy runneth over.

Monday, October 26, 2009

When Harry Met Spiney

With today's announcement, Sen. Reid (D-craps table) might've actually put some leading into his leadership role, of the majority party no less?! While HIGHpocrisy may still show up later, it was nice to see no Snowe job [we're in it for the puns]. See prior post below.

Friday, October 23, 2009

disbelief, again?

We're back to not knowing what to believe and what to ignore. How could that be in this new era of gov't transparency? With all of these conflicting reports on the same day, let's breathe in, hold it, exhale, repeat. Until some news comes along to disspell the latest, though, we'll assign a temporary Highpocrisy to the WH (italicized to demonstrate its fleeting nature), and here's why: no one who's been following this dance gives 1 rat's ass about a Senator from Maine! She was not elected President of even her own state! And, no one who's been following is stupid enough to think that her 1 vote means the winners get to call it "bipartisan"! That's not what the word means. If the big O thinks either the general public is that gullible, or that his Rahm-brokered deals are that fragile, then it won't work anyway.
[That's not to argue that Americans are savvy either; we are just big, dumb animals. Or that Rahm should be brokering serious issues at all; he shouldn't, because he already tried that in the 90's. Just saying]

Monday, October 12, 2009


In a move fooling no one, the health insurance lobby realizes it might not be getting the bazillion, gajillion dollars it wanted to get from merely 1 of the 5 different congressional committees working on fixing what's really broken. So they dropped the kid gloves. Now they want to duke it out? No brainer HIGHpocrisy. Sure hope they don't have to raise premiums, deny or drop coverage, or do other bad things just to survive. The horror, the horror.

Nobel NObama

I was as 'sur-prized' as anyone that big O got the Nobel; I get that the nominations were back in February but the voting was not done until recently. I get the committee wanting to reward effort; reward should follow effort. I'm not on the Nutbar exit to Crazytown, but I'm just not reconciling the whole 'peace' part of the award with ongoing 'wars' (not to mention rendition, Gitmo, state secrets, FISA and the Patriot Act). Wouldn't it have been easier to give him the award after he brings peace to the process, ya know, by actually ending the wars? Obama doesn't do 'easy' you say, so how could that be? Wars cost so much more these days (!) so here's a suggestion for how to end them:
Yes, as Eric Cartman's eloquence might have even presaged the President's own soaring rhetoric, "Screw you guys, I'm going home".
Updating: eh

Monday, October 5, 2009

'When Good Books Go Bad'?

Or as Don Rumsfeld might suggest, you go to Sunday school with the Bible you have, not the Bible you wish you had.


Oh sure, like he has some Nobel prize or something... guess that means someone might want to pay attention once in a while. [Except the batshades, who revel in their own ignorance and prove Krugman's point every time they open their pie-holes]