Friday, October 23, 2009

disbelief, again?

We're back to not knowing what to believe and what to ignore. How could that be in this new era of gov't transparency? With all of these conflicting reports on the same day, let's breathe in, hold it, exhale, repeat. Until some news comes along to disspell the latest, though, we'll assign a temporary Highpocrisy to the WH (italicized to demonstrate its fleeting nature), and here's why: no one who's been following this dance gives 1 rat's ass about a Senator from Maine! She was not elected President of even her own state! And, no one who's been following is stupid enough to think that her 1 vote means the winners get to call it "bipartisan"! That's not what the word means. If the big O thinks either the general public is that gullible, or that his Rahm-brokered deals are that fragile, then it won't work anyway.
[That's not to argue that Americans are savvy either; we are just big, dumb animals. Or that Rahm should be brokering serious issues at all; he shouldn't, because he already tried that in the 90's. Just saying]

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