Thursday, January 29, 2009

repubes take ball, go home

I'd show House Rs some respect if they acted like adults once in a while, or ever. But what's the point? These are grown men and women who got elected, or re-elected, as representatives of the people? Not seeing it. And don't rely on the MSM to put these kids in time-out.
Nah gah happen.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

En fuego J

You can't stop him any longer, you can only hope to contain him:

Well played, Mr. Neiwert. You just earned a spot on the J-LEB (J’s List of Enlightened Bloggers). The list is still young but highly exclusive. Heretofore you can call yourself a J-LEBrity.
- J

J's unleashed his hounds, so he's right up there with "batshade" TM. When we combine these 2 newest catch-phrases, we're really on to what will surely be a cultural phenomenon: a "Batshade J-LEBrity".

so basic

even your Republican hypocrite friends can understand.
- J

Updated: But for those of you who read that lib'rul NYT, here's another basic.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Just to follow on your "single letter theme" ….allow me to buy a vowel and add a number! I experienced what can only be described as someone finally opening a giant window, after eight long years in some dark, dank, oxygen-deprived, bunker somewhere in east, butt-f%&k Texas! It was a strange and painful existence, where incomplete, often incoherent sentences were the norm, and Mr. Whipple’s Charmin was replaced with the constitution to clean up the diarrhetic bile that spewed from the mouths and rectums of W and Dick. Obama is saying all the right things and it is such a breath of fresh air. Let the healing begin!
- J

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Wifey says this describes me to a "T". No highpocrisy, just sharing info.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the list

J probably likes #13 the best, but I am torn among 4, 2 and 1 of course. Having this list in the first place is just a great piece of work, whatever your values.

Monday, January 12, 2009

quickie from J

Most ironic that Norm "Howdy Doodie" Coleman was so righteously outspoken when he was leading the vote to have Franken concede for the "good of the country" and the "good of Minnesota". Now that he is about to lose he decides to file a lawsuit! He is pulling a "LIE-bermann". What a freakin hypocrite............definitely a triple HHH for Highpocrisy!!!

Note: while this may only be J's 2nd overall contribution, we are still expecting great things in 2009...

Friday, January 9, 2009

BCS edition, 2.0

Alt. title: "Stupid is as stupid does." Last year about this time, I posted on another site, which may or may not still exist, re the stupidity of the BCS system. No re-hash here. But I did want to make an observation, not necessarily Highpocrisy-related, into my truer passion than politics: sports. Driving home from work and listening to the pre-game on radio, I thought maybe Fla. wins 31-21, but then that might be too high-scoring, so more like 24-10. I can be that prescient, because I am that knowledgeable about the sports I follow. I tried to watch some of the game last night betw. Okla and Fla., and I told my older daughter that Fla. was going to win. She asked how I could be so sure when it was only the 1st half. Here's how:

Okla. had to know they were not going to score their 50+ pts. average against that defense. Stoops had to know too, that he'd been pulling an 0-fer on recent BCS games. So what happens? Exhibit A: 1st and goal with this year's Heisman winner at QB, and they run 3 times to no effect. Instead of taking the points in a gimme FG, they try a 4th straight run. TO on downs. Exhibit B: 10 seconds left in the 1st half; another chance for gimme 3 pts., but this time, a passing play that gets deflected for an INT. Game over by halftime.

From the ol' Ghostbusters movie: 'when someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES!' When you have a chance to get 6 pts via 2 cheap field goals against the best D you've seen all year, you TAKE THE POINTS! QBs and defense win football games. Ya know what else wins? Scoring more than the other team. Okla. deserved to lose. That's the message I could convey with utter confidence. And since there is usually plenty of Highpocrisy in the sports world, we need to stay on top of it whenever possible. So, we will.

As an aside, I hope Bradford stays in school another year. Then my Lions can draft the OL from 'bama with the #1 pick; then KC takes Stafford, and so on. World order restored.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


the 1st post of the year, and it's administrative. Hopefully, I was able to change the page layout to put the picture at bottom, and have the blog list along the right-hand side. Substantive posts to resume shortly. And of course, more importantly: for the privileged few who may have actually stumbled upon us, it's henceforth known as Highpocrisy, in title and now in URL: Rollah yields.