Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just what we need,

another 'win' for corporations, the new people of America.  [The people formerly known as people are now less than people.  Not to be confused with 'Up with People', or the Village People.  And it may take a village, but if certain people had their way, the village would not include those people.]  Glaad, we straightened that out !  Yeah, puns !  But there is nothing punny about what the Court has done to this country.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Up to speed?

What HIGHpocrisy have we missed these past 2 months?  [Not that we have any good excuses...]

Huckabee criticized Natalie Portman around the time of the Oscars for getting pregnant, out of wedlock, apparently forgetting that an Oscar-winner's claim to fame can be winning an Oscar; whereas the Huck-ster never criticized Bristol Palin, whose sole claim to fame is getting pregnant, out of wedlock. 
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Wisconsin - rule of man, not rule of law
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Libya - rule of man, not rule of law.  The only good part there was watching the adulterer Gingrich's head do a Linda Blair 180 before and after Obama tried the 'No-Fly' zone.
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Japan, horrific all around.  Nothing to make fun of there.
So, back to Wisconsin - home of media darlin' Rep. Paul Ryan and his amazin' budget plan.  Save the rich; let the poor eat cake.  We'll pay for unfunded wars by pounding the final nails in the coffins of 90% of this country.  Obama can speechify all he wants, but actions will define him more than words.  Center-right may not be batshade rightwing, but it's not progress either. 

PS, really GE?  Really?  $14 billion in worldwide profit, 0 taxes, $3+ billion in credits, subsidies, whatever?  Since corporations are now people, GE's a d**k.  Unless the tea partiers start protesting all the Wall St. thieves -- not 1 of whom has ever faced criminal charges -- they are not even a re-branding of the GOP.  They're instead just Koch-ed up gulli-bulls with no credibility to stand on (and by 'stand', we mean sit on their lazy-a$$ medicaid scooters).