Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Highpocrisy, Bon Jovi edition

As in, "Joe gives Dems a bad name, bad name..." He probably doesn't give Jews a bad name, but I don't know. So, what to make of all this LIEbertool stuff?

We have a camp that says, 'Obama knows more than we do, is really smart and a great politician. So, if he wanted LIEberman to stay, he must have a reason, so give peace a chance.' But we also have another camp that says, 'What LIEberman did was so awful, there's no way to justify keeping him.' [I do like the Traitor Joe pic]. Then, we have the competence argument, that his performance as HS Comm. Chair was pathetic, a complete waste, and thus, he should be tossed. But then we also have Lawrence O'Donnell on Rachel Maddow on Monday night saying none of these chairmanships are ever judged on performance. And that's all just this week!

It can be very confusing whether we drill down to the wonk-level or not. I'm not, since I'm in the visceral camp. I likes me the crime and punishment. So here's the thing that bugs me: the politics!!! 1st a quote from Howard Dean, posted among the many blogs, but within the last of the 3 links above:

"But I would line up with Barack. I don't think you were told to go screw yourselves at all. I think he has got to now practice what he preaches during two years of campaigns if he wants to bring America together and as objectionable as Joe's behavior was, and frankly unprincipled, I don't think that this is the thing that should divide us. And I don't think it's about his votes for FISA or anything else. I think it's about what kind of a tone do we want to send..."

Tone? Look, we can all be -- and likely have been -- moved by Obama's words over the past 2 years. The guy has earned his shot. But actions carry weight too, Gov. Dean. The FISA vote counted. The 'no-grudges' tour now means something. You can't preach 'tone' if you're tone-deaf to consequences. That's why this matters. It matters because ordinary people have done extraordinary things to help Obama become President-elect. So if Harry Reid's feelings are hurt, tough too bads. But you can't dismiss the hurt feelings of other citizens simply because they're not Senate Majority Leaders. You have to acknowledge WHY they might feel the way they do, and THEN, you can look to resolve. I must be liberal, I'm so sensitive. [Frankly, with all the Dem-caving history, with their wussiness on display at every turn, how can one not get a sense of deja vu?]

I'd like to believe in the promised change, the hope, the appeal to our better selves; that Obama really is that different. The cynic in me is just not sure that hope deserves another chance. It would be so much easier if Obama just came out and said, 'Ya know what, Joe, I'm going to get two dogs for my girls in the White House: a new puppy, and you!' Maybe he said that in private, that would be cool. While there's another Bon Jovi song called 'Joey', the more appropriate one to end with is, 'Good guys don't always wear white.'

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When Harry met a Lying POS

Oh Harry, you vamp. Does anyone believe you when you speak anymore? I don't. You remember that game 'Hungry Hungry Hippo'? Well, in honor of your latest exploration into the depths of depravity and insult, you can have a new game named after you: Harry Harry Hypocrite. You can't start hypocrisy without an H.

And for 1st initial-only insight, J still knows more than most. Apparently not as much as our Senate 'leaders'. Here's what appeared in an article 9/8/05 in the business section of the San Jose Mercury News (I could not find in their Archives online), regarding leadership characteristics: leaders are globalists, know themselves, are coaches, influence others, manage change, are strategic, and must be managers, too. But the money quote: "...accountability overrides all other attributes..." Ta-da. When accountability is restored in politics, in life, then the Harry Reids can be leaders again. I doubt he makes it that long. Until then, there are just words in a yellowing piece of paper stuck on an office wall somewhere.

So, does that mean the great thing about blogging is that no one will really ever read this? We can all just sit behind our anonymous IDs, protected by these series of tubes, and pretend that venting makes us all feel better. I was about as low and depressed as one could feel when the Dems brought up FISA in June; and Obama supported it. I was about as high and happy when Obama won. See if you can guess, after today's LIEbertool shenanigans, where I am now?

Update: 1 comment that I posted to Bob Cesca's blog, summing up why I can't let go yet: Bad behavior should never be rewarded, PERIOD!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

lies, Lies, LIES, yeah

I don't really have much news to share on LIEbertool at this time. I'm still waiting for J's take direct from CT. There seems to be a broad spectrum of 'opinion' so I might as well chime in again.

Almost every link at the bottom of this site has at least 1 post on the guy, with varying degrees of fact and fancy. I probably lean more toward Rude Pundit's, though AMERICAblog and Kos and TPM all have their points worth reading. I did see Bayh on Rachel last night, and I am glad he didn't get picked for the VP slot. He definitely sounds more like a [P]olitician than most. So what does that say about LIEbertool that they were both pro-war? What if LIEbertool doesn't apologize, sincerely and publicly? And lost in the BS translation, what about Bayh's comment that if the Stooge doesn't play nice, they can still strip him of his chairmanship? That was news.

I got too excited when the FISA crap came up, only to be deflated by all the cave-ins. Then I got excited again when there was a chance that Mukasey wouldn't pass, again only to be deflated by Schumer and Feinstein. That's a whole mess o' jews doin' the deflating. I am not falling for it a 3rd time [go to for my '3 Strikes' feature, which has not been updated since I started blogging].

I can be vindictive and hold a grudge, it's true. I'm not expecting much retribution here, though. While it's a no-brainer to those of us on the outside, I can still be plenty disappointed if the LIE machine isn't punished. I am sure that among the inner sanctum, however, there's a lot going on that we'll never know about. But that's what separates the blogosphere from the elected officials. I'm not making excuses for Obama. We all know Mr. LIE's just as unfit for public office as his buddy mcnutbar. I've already disowned him as a Jew, so he's not welcome in my tribe. That'll show him.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Eloquent as usual, but with a dash of I don't want to say urgency, maybe more incredulity? Personally, I'm not a rubbernecker because I'm usually the one driving, but this train wreck really is hard to stop staring at.

Monday, November 10, 2008


No, Highpocrisy - the Blog, cannot leave yet. There is still plenty to go around. While J still has to get credit for more than just 1 post up here, I will dole out a few random HHs:

1) LIEbertool. No longer just the LIEberstooge, he is officially in whack job territory. Know who says so? Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev. Know how? Because Reid says he's not. And so, too, maybe Chris Dodd, Mr. FISA Filibuster himself. Our take? If the guy had said, 'look, mccain's my friend, i'm going to stand by him', and then he just hung out in the background, behind the scenes, kept quiet, whispering an occasional sweet 'you meant sunni's into mcgramps' ear, maybe, MAYBE, it would've been OK. But that's not what LIEbertool did. He flat out lied in 2006, just to get re-elected. J can tell ya. And then he not only campaigns for his friend, he trashes Obama at the RNC convention and questions the patriotism of his own party's nominee. Our ancestors can tell Joe all about that 40 years of wilderness thing, so, if it were up to me, he'd be out there with the rest of the tools. But now comes word that maybe Obama won't banish him to the Rs. I don't know how this works, but progressives know that LIEbertool would sell his own mother out if it helped him, but Obama is smart enough, has done enough right -- heck, he won!! -- that we'll have to see. I'd just prefer Obama give him 1 of those Fredo kisses on the lips: "I know it was you, Senator, you broke my heart."

2) And speaking of homophopia, what is up with the Prop 8 post-mortem? The Mormon church gave $20-25 million to Yes on 8, because they must believe in the sanctity of 1 man-many wives. But NOW all of a sudden, once it passes, the protests are all over the place. Where was the activism before the election? The reason I buy most so far (more than the 'blacks hate gays' mantra of some) is that liberals and normal people operated in a vacuum -- they never organized enough against this measure. They just figured 'hey, it's California; something like Prop 8 can't pass here.' CA is a big place. Time to wake up and smell the Highpocrisy.

3) And finally, speaking of big places, the AK is still relevant. The Convicted Felon effect is still under way. But oh, the Moosechurian. My earlier posts on how she was playing a part? Notice now that she's back in the literal wilderness, she's not quite the star. She wore a sweatshirt ("AK-grown"?) on the plane home, and her last TV appearance, the hair wasn't up, the clothes weren't the RNC's. Hey gov., the cameras still beam signals back to their stations, and that works all over those NAFTA countries, whatever they're called. If the lights are still on, the party's still going. Spruce it up for the next round, or soon, you'll take the shine right out of Joe the WTF's post-15 minutes. And I don't feel sorry for the anonymous saboteurs, even though tough gal, hockey-mom is calling them mean names, like 'jerks' and 'cowards'. What if they ever came out and said this stuff ON the record? Ooooh, I'd watch that. We're still in sweeps month. And it has been a season of hope.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I can't concentrate on work today; I should be blogging less, not more. And yet, when I come across this, I can't help myself. Kick droopy to the curb, J, have at him. He's in your state for goodness sake. Well, we're waiting...

Worst post-election irony, Highpocrisy edition

Which is it: (1) AK sending a convicted felon back to the Senate? (2) MN sending Ms. J. McCarthy-lite back to the House? Or, (3) CA sending gay rights back to the 20th century?

I'll post results with more to follow.

About that high road ...

Forgive and forget? Not yet.

Rude and crude, you betcha!

Concession, Confession: a blog in 2 parts

Part I - the concession. I can't stand to be pre-empted, so, indulge me. I listened to mcsame's speech and wondered aloud why he couldn't run his campaign that way? I heard some grace and some honor there. But I also heard boos from the crowd he was addressing, his own supporters, when Obama's name was mentioned. Enough (!) with the sore losers already. I've been there, done that; I've had the mcrage. I've seen the passion on both sides - it was probably similar to what I felt when Gore and Kerry both lost to the arrogant ignoramus. My cynicism knew no bounds.

I get the concept of a generic Democrat defeating a generic Republican when the economy is in the "terlet" [do I sound American?]. That concept seemed like consensus back during the primaries, and even a couple Dem candidates, including Hillary, talked up their pool of players, vs. the GOP's pool. That seemed like it was before the nominations were secure, before mcsame08 went gonzo negative, hiring the slimers who slimed him, before Obama beat back the clinton machine, and certainly before mcnuts chose someone he hardly knew, at the last moment, without even vetting the choice. But Obama beat your guy by 6 pts, twice the victory percentage of the current idiot over kerry. Obama got 62 million votes (and counting), dominating the electoral college. So suck on that! Your guy had 5 months to pick a qualified running mate. Instead, he sat on his brains, and flushed his integrity down the latrine when he chose the moosechurian. Ya know what? If Clinton had won the nomination, mcgramps' VP would've been Colin Powell, or someone just like him. The best man won, so deal!

Part II - the confession. Enough of me being negative. I want to take the high road here, but it's so dang hard. How bad do you have to F up this country, so that a black guy can become president ? Bush-Cheney bad.

But in direct inverse proportion to how criminally incompetent those 2 are, Obama is the exceptional person who beat the Clinton machine, and now, who beat the power-brokers and fundamentalists who hijacked the GOP. He's done what no one else has ever done, and he did so w/ class and dignity, when all the while his opponent tried to tear him down with lies and attacks. 230 years ago, this country was founded by slave-owning elitists who lived in 'big' cities like Boston and Philadelphia. 150 years ago, this country almost destroyed itself over slavery. And not even 40+ years ago, blacks had no equal rights. So, while the Prop 8 bull$%^& here in CA gives some pause, our collective psyche should be overcome with elation. That is 1 tough stain to clean out. How emotional was it just for this sheltered white dude to be unshackled from the destructive bonds of only the past 8 years? Try these for cliches., or,

Ultimately, though, I received my new favorite perspective, when I told my older daughter that she could be anything she wanted now. "OK", she said, "I want to be a dog".

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Fake America wins! U.S. of F-in A, Bubba. I'm overjoyed, overcome. More to drink, and to write tomorrow! History! Yes, we did!

quickie bush

As usual, the more professional blogger enunciates more of what I meant to include about bush in earlier posts, only does so more clearly.

Aside: while I plan to stay up late until I can be reasonably sure the election hasn't been stolen (from Obama, presumably), I cannot picture anyone who still might be undecided walking into that booth. I forwarded my TiVo past an ad or 2 last night, and it's the psuedo-RNC PAC Rev. Wright, ergo Obama must be too radical crap. Who is that supposed to reach? Is there really a Joe the voter who can't make up his mind, but who sees this ad, and says, "I was really torn, but no way I can vote for Obama now." [That presumes that many other 'low-information' voters are not also End Times watchers within the lower 48, otherwise they might have heard about Hagee, Muthee, Parsley/Paisley, Rosemary and Thyme, all the REAL pastor problems of the far-right.] And then I think of a Republican friend -- we all have some -- who says ad hominem attacks = inability to have honest discussion. Yep, there's irony in them thar hills, too.

Monday, November 3, 2008

1 more day!

For my penultimate nightmare, I was with 3 random, nameless neo-cons, 2 wearing blue and white-striped button down oxford shirts. Don't know what that meant. There were a few others around the dinner table, but I can't recall if I knew them. I'm just unloading on these guys, getting all the shouting in that I could possibly imagine, how they and their president are responsible for all the ills of this once proud nation. And not just any of their presidents, but Worst. President. Ever. Maybe it wasn't a nightmare, but a pleasant enough dream? I may never see W in jail for all of his high crimes and misdemeanors, and he won't be impeached, either. But it was Halloween a few days ago, so the construct of seeing this arrogant fool unable to reverse the tide against him, having current events AND history be the joint deciders of all his failures, I cannot describe what I hope tomorrow night will be like. Paraphrasing the Duran Duran song, with shout-out to '80s worshipper pdm3, "don't say a prayer for me now, save it til the morning after".

A 'final' SNL

There was that ol' maverick himself, yuckin it up with his soul mate, Tina Fey, who still does a better job at performing as the moosechurian than palin does in her own skin. Clever opening, laughs. For a guy who must be soooo scared of losing to the 'other' guy [or, insert name-calling here, there have been too many to count], he sure seemed to be having fun.

How could he possibly joke at a time like this, when it's obviously and painfully serious to all republicans and their hacks that the evil Obama could still eke it out tomorrow? Just look and listen to all the 11th hour slime that mcrage is putting out: all the mailers, and robocalls, and desperate attack ads. If you're trying to scare the few remaining undecided ya-hoos out there into voting for you because your opponent is too dangerous (and it's not like you had time to convince them with previous narratives), then what are you doing on SNL, smiling and laughing at yourself, and your joke of an unserious choice in running mate? It's not like your target audience is staying up late to watch that show for its substance, so which is it, gramps? Smears or reality? Lies or reality? Hate and fear or hope and change? Guess we might get the script on that one soon enough. Stay real, Real America. We'll see you in 1 more day.