Thursday, November 13, 2008

lies, Lies, LIES, yeah

I don't really have much news to share on LIEbertool at this time. I'm still waiting for J's take direct from CT. There seems to be a broad spectrum of 'opinion' so I might as well chime in again.

Almost every link at the bottom of this site has at least 1 post on the guy, with varying degrees of fact and fancy. I probably lean more toward Rude Pundit's, though AMERICAblog and Kos and TPM all have their points worth reading. I did see Bayh on Rachel last night, and I am glad he didn't get picked for the VP slot. He definitely sounds more like a [P]olitician than most. So what does that say about LIEbertool that they were both pro-war? What if LIEbertool doesn't apologize, sincerely and publicly? And lost in the BS translation, what about Bayh's comment that if the Stooge doesn't play nice, they can still strip him of his chairmanship? That was news.

I got too excited when the FISA crap came up, only to be deflated by all the cave-ins. Then I got excited again when there was a chance that Mukasey wouldn't pass, again only to be deflated by Schumer and Feinstein. That's a whole mess o' jews doin' the deflating. I am not falling for it a 3rd time [go to for my '3 Strikes' feature, which has not been updated since I started blogging].

I can be vindictive and hold a grudge, it's true. I'm not expecting much retribution here, though. While it's a no-brainer to those of us on the outside, I can still be plenty disappointed if the LIE machine isn't punished. I am sure that among the inner sanctum, however, there's a lot going on that we'll never know about. But that's what separates the blogosphere from the elected officials. I'm not making excuses for Obama. We all know Mr. LIE's just as unfit for public office as his buddy mcnutbar. I've already disowned him as a Jew, so he's not welcome in my tribe. That'll show him.

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