Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Fake America wins! U.S. of F-in A, Bubba. I'm overjoyed, overcome. More to drink, and to write tomorrow! History! Yes, we did!


Travis said...

heyBuddy,,,,, I am sick, I am going to post this first to see ig it works

Travis said...

Now for the real post.... you know I respect, care about you and respect your opinion more than anyone.... But I am sick about this.... My Grandpa, who was deeply Republican, loved this country more than anyone. He didn't want the death tax when he died and he got his wish.... I love my grandpa more than anything in the world and will always stand for the knowledge he gave me.
Bush fucked up and i think my grandpa would agree... But fuckin Obama... I would rather have 4 years of a known product in Clinton...Than a fuckin celebrity in Obama... This makes me wonder if Schwarzenegger, if he had been born in the US, could win in a landslide in a pres election.... you know he could because it's all about celebrity these days... WTF has Obama done... at least your governor has made changes, whether they are good or bad, he made changes.
Seriously, besides Bankrupting an industry that we really on for home grown energy, what is this F'n guy gonna do. I agree that things are messed up right now....But do you really think this guy can do anything....The reality will set in tomorrow and the country will say "What the F did we just do"
It's not gonna be pretty... We made out for a long time....But whats it matter...we are fucked now... I don't make you're salary, maybe someday, but you are getting bent over worse than my family.

We are all F'd now....

Lets talk sports...F this crap... let me die with a gun in my hand and a copy of baseball America under my arm...

Sports Please Mr. Rollah