Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When Harry met a Lying POS

Oh Harry, you vamp. Does anyone believe you when you speak anymore? I don't. You remember that game 'Hungry Hungry Hippo'? Well, in honor of your latest exploration into the depths of depravity and insult, you can have a new game named after you: Harry Harry Hypocrite. You can't start hypocrisy without an H.

And for 1st initial-only insight, J still knows more than most. Apparently not as much as our Senate 'leaders'. Here's what appeared in an article 9/8/05 in the business section of the San Jose Mercury News (I could not find in their Archives online), regarding leadership characteristics: leaders are globalists, know themselves, are coaches, influence others, manage change, are strategic, and must be managers, too. But the money quote: "...accountability overrides all other attributes..." Ta-da. When accountability is restored in politics, in life, then the Harry Reids can be leaders again. I doubt he makes it that long. Until then, there are just words in a yellowing piece of paper stuck on an office wall somewhere.

So, does that mean the great thing about blogging is that no one will really ever read this? We can all just sit behind our anonymous IDs, protected by these series of tubes, and pretend that venting makes us all feel better. I was about as low and depressed as one could feel when the Dems brought up FISA in June; and Obama supported it. I was about as high and happy when Obama won. See if you can guess, after today's LIEbertool shenanigans, where I am now?

Update: 1 comment that I posted to Bob Cesca's blog, summing up why I can't let go yet: Bad behavior should never be rewarded, PERIOD!

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