Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some & Others

Seriously one of the dumbest headlines I can recall coming from the NY Times.  Who are these people?  Who are the 'some' and who are the 'others'?  Are they the same, the some?  Or, is there another other? 
Again with the false equivalency, oh free press, really?  Peaceful sit-in, camp-out style protesters get pepper-sprayed and arrested, but tea-baggers carry guns and signs threatening violence, nothing happens... exactly the same thing.  And why exactly shouldn't the D party be moved to the left?  That's where it is supposed to be; not the right (conservadems, blue dogs), not even the middle (independents for a reason), not at the intersection of Crazy St. and Nutbar Ave., but as a counter-vailing alternative to the far right movement that re-branded 'hijacked' the opposing political party... Speaking of alternatives, how about a nice story on how the R-led House has not put forth 1 single piece of jobs legislation since last year's election.  Not 1.  Dem somes of bitches!

PS, Bill Maher was on Rachel last night, saying the same thing about the Dems, that they need a push from the left.  Of course he has a forum to say that, he also has a TV show!  We have the best little blog that no one ever reads or has ever heard of, so there. 

Monday, September 12, 2011


Looking at recent entries via ThinkProgress, 4 just within this past week, we acknowledge non-rocker Joe Walsh (R-Splitsville) for his HIGHpocrisy.  Happy MNF to another season.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Laugh or cry?

We were only going to link to the funny; we need to smile once in awhile.  But then we could not help ourselves, so here's the sad.  What bothers me is how certain this author makes it seem.  J knows as well as I do, that enough idiots vote in this country to make the sad a reality. 50 million chose McCain-Palin, willingly!  So if there are enough dumass, sums of bitches out there to pick another kit-shicking Texas moron and even dumber Quitter Queen (the new batshade ticket that would literally hit the self-destruct button), that would be as good a time as any to get out.  I have not seen the new Planet of the Apes movie, but maybe that Caesar chimp can run as an independent in 2016?  On a happier note, there won't be much of a country left to lead if all this comes to pass.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

and, Scariest

We interrupt our new-found call to action with a depressing analysis (one man's opinion) of the current state of our nation and its democratically-elected leader.  Hey, we've been there: we said 'lover, not fighter', we bought the rope-a-dope style before, benefit of the doubt and all that.  We would still vote for someone smart over someone we can have a beer with, but we can do better.  Let's keep moving, let's change the system so one day, we can show them both what real 'progress' looks like.

On Wisconsin post-script, to turn a phrase: lament the 'playahs', hate the game.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tinkers to Evers to

no Chance

[Modern-day, turned from Taibbi to Rich to Krugman; see our earlier posts.]

Maybe the small sliver of 'hope' remaining here is that enough of us are 'fired up' to find a viable 3rd-party candidate who can restore democracy to its rightful place among humanity's greatest achievements, right up there with fire and TiVo.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to the well

We don't check HuffPo anymore, not since the AOL 'merger'.  But occasionally, if something there is linked to something in blogs we do read, we can take a gander.  For example, this.  Agree or disagree? 

We've written plenty in our headier, naive days, about expectations; about how maybe we refused to see what Rachel Maddow and others may have seen all along (Obama as corporate centrist, moderate, etc.); look where we came from to where we are; what Bush hath wrought (he enabled Obama's victory).  We've talked about making history, albeit too briefly, and we've commented on America being an empire in decline.  I guess at this point who cares whether we're right or wrong? 

It's not easy being a leader, globally or in your everyday life.  Like anything, you need to work at it; you need practice and patience to get better at something.  'You fight the fights you can win'; or, 'You fight the fights that need fighting'.  Time to take a stand, set a goal, and get r done.  See you out there.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Just a different kind of scary, but it only matters to those who still cling to seemingly outdated notions of social justice and fundamental fairness ... like us.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Right Bak at Cha (a chat among friends)

And so the dialogue goes something like this --
Not-so-silent Rollah (NR): hey Mr. Positive, it's me, the pessimist. Remember how I was saying America is an empire in decline and all that? Scroll around our blog, it's got good stuff. Obama may be the smartest guy to be elected Prez. ever, but how smart can he be if he can't get re-elected against this loser crop? We're still in agreement that ending wars might help, right? Whole lotta deficit crap to waste a trillion dollars now and then, but aside from all that, you are welcome to comment. How about something like a quick 'how-to' guide, some steps that we the people can take right now, to help ourselves and a few of our fellow citizens? Leadership is accountability my friend, but you know that. Vancouver: the new Malibu.

"Paul Revered", long-time friend, hopeful new contributor (PR): This was sent to me today on facebook. Now is the moment to change the country. Now is the time to change the system. Now is the time to wake up the masses to the fact that they have lost the class war. The average American is earning less and and can look forward to spending more on everything from gas to water. You heard me... because people are conserving water, like the water companies told us too, we have to pay more because their revenues are down and they cannot afford to deliver water.

NR: I admire your platitudes, but they're a tad vague, n'est ce pas? How are you changing the system? How are you waking up the masses? I haven't had a raise in 5 yrs, in some of my peak earning years as well. What action can I take right now, Mr. Now? How can I help?  Re: the article, my take-away in 2 words: "making things" - the US doesn't make anything anymore. Income disparity is at an all-time high, but 1 of the 2 major political parties is morally bankrupt, sometimes outright racist, and opposed to a guy who's about as progressive as a corporate centrist can be. Reagan was not transformative b/c he was the best politician (he wasn't even a good one); he was considered transformative b/c he sold his generation a bill of goods. Court, meet Ball.

J's 'blue' period

When J speaks, we post.  Play along at home: put an 'H' (for HIGHpocrisy) in the post if you spot something -- 

"I hate to admit it, because I have always prided myself in being a pretty positive person, but I think I have officially sunk to the depths of “Club Cynicism”. I am so tired of the endless suppository of Fox News horse hooey that is routinely torpedoed up the rectums of the mindless idiots that keep bending over for more. Torn and bleeding, these mental midgets continue to wrap themselves in the American Flag and scream about the dangers of socialism and entitlements, gobbling up the heaping tubs of steamy excrement shoveled into their eager mouths by people who really don’t give two shits if these morons instantaneously combusted and disappeared forever. [H]

Worse still are the people who have the power to affect change and can’t manage to summon the intellectual capacity to take on this nonsense. The arguments being made by the GOP are so dishonest and transparent, yet the Dems are at a complete loss to expose them for the malignant cancer they are. This is why the first commandment of the members of C2 is “Distrust All Politicians”. The only thing to conclude is that they are ALL THE SAME. All they care about is getting re-elected and staying in power. And another thing that gets me is this whole idea that politicians are “public servants”. That’s another load of crap. Fat budgets, huge staffs and cushy hours are light years away from the definition of “public service”. Politicians make more money than teachers…….and work far less!

Nope….there is NOTHING we can do but wait for what is sure to be a “Financial Rapture” of enormous proportions that will create a tipping point for drastic change. Maybe the US dollar is no longer the financial currency of the world and it is substituted with the yuan? When Americans’ investments become worth only a fraction of the value their owners calculated them to be…….that is when the revolution will begin and there will be sufficient critical mass for real, meaningful and lasting change. But for now my friends, I am convinced it will get much worse before it ever has a chance to get better again."

Monday, June 6, 2011

abbott & costello?

J, what is with these NY jews of mine, first Spitzer and now Weiner?  Spitzer-Weiner, the jokes write themselves.  He better not resign.  More BS, more shiny objects that push the Batshade Queen out of the spotlight, but only fleetingly.  "Losing one from our team is not the same as losing one from theirs!" -- Paul Revere

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lost my head(er)

Why is this even in any way, shape or form, under the heading of "analysis"?  Facts do not enter her mindset, her alternate reality.  Otherwise, she wouldn't be queen of the batshade.  Facts are for losers, the lamestream media.  Here's a better reality check, something we said here long before O'Donnell: she wants money and fame, but without having to work for either.  That is not presidential, that is Fox.  She can't handle the truth, that is also Fox.  Pity me, pity me, pity me.  As long as she can keep milking the cash cow, she will keep pretending to run.  End of story.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Odd timing aside

Can we end the wars now and bring all combat troops home?  That might save a couple trillion. 
Can we get rid of the TSA pat-downs? 
Can gas prices go back down again, maybe to $3 a gallon?  [Not with Goldman Sachs speculators roaming the streets.  Guessing the answers are still 'no']. 

Weird imagery, too, via CNN's split-screen, with serious Obama on the right and Americans cheering bin Laden's death on the left... something unsettling here, not quite able to articulate.  Closure for some, but craziness for others.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just what we need,

another 'win' for corporations, the new people of America.  [The people formerly known as people are now less than people.  Not to be confused with 'Up with People', or the Village People.  And it may take a village, but if certain people had their way, the village would not include those people.]  Glaad, we straightened that out !  Yeah, puns !  But there is nothing punny about what the Court has done to this country.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Up to speed?

What HIGHpocrisy have we missed these past 2 months?  [Not that we have any good excuses...]

Huckabee criticized Natalie Portman around the time of the Oscars for getting pregnant, out of wedlock, apparently forgetting that an Oscar-winner's claim to fame can be winning an Oscar; whereas the Huck-ster never criticized Bristol Palin, whose sole claim to fame is getting pregnant, out of wedlock. 
Jump to...
Wisconsin - rule of man, not rule of law
Jump to...
Libya - rule of man, not rule of law.  The only good part there was watching the adulterer Gingrich's head do a Linda Blair 180 before and after Obama tried the 'No-Fly' zone.
Jump to...
Japan, horrific all around.  Nothing to make fun of there.
So, back to Wisconsin - home of media darlin' Rep. Paul Ryan and his amazin' budget plan.  Save the rich; let the poor eat cake.  We'll pay for unfunded wars by pounding the final nails in the coffins of 90% of this country.  Obama can speechify all he wants, but actions will define him more than words.  Center-right may not be batshade rightwing, but it's not progress either. 

PS, really GE?  Really?  $14 billion in worldwide profit, 0 taxes, $3+ billion in credits, subsidies, whatever?  Since corporations are now people, GE's a d**k.  Unless the tea partiers start protesting all the Wall St. thieves -- not 1 of whom has ever faced criminal charges -- they are not even a re-branding of the GOP.  They're instead just Koch-ed up gulli-bulls with no credibility to stand on (and by 'stand', we mean sit on their lazy-a$$ medicaid scooters).

Friday, February 18, 2011

A refresher

on the meaning of "hypocrisy", in honor of President's Day, when Presidents were apparently honorable enough to understand, even back then, that corporations are not persons, and that wars don't pay for themselves:
"1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.2. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.3. an act or instance of hypocrisy."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Opening for K.O.

Dear Mr. Olbermann,
If taking your voice to the Internet is allowed under the terms of your separation agreement, J and not-so-silent Rollah will welcome you here with open arms.  We could not think of a more deserving, more necessary partner.  Join at your earliest convenience.  We'll even let you have editorial control over content.  [smiley face emoticon intentionally omitted]
Kind Regards until we see you again.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011: return of the batshade?

UPDATED/edited: On Saturday, I called my friend who lives in Tucson.  There are some crazies there, no doubt you've seen and heard.  You know who's drawn to crazy?  Yep, none other than the Batshade Queen herself, the Motherlode of crazy.  Here's my favorite take yet on the quitter queen.  But peel all the layers away from all of this mess, and the bottom line is still this: she never was nor will ever be qualified to hold high office, to be President of these United States.  Anything else just hides the HIGHpocrisy!
And we're off.
Adding: compare her screed (short version: but enough about me, let's talk about me), to the real President's speech at the memorial tonight.  Night and day, black and white, huh?  Obama's portion was certainly inspirational, and very respectful.  Dare we say, 'presidential'?  No way could Batshade pull that off, ever, under any circumstances.  She tries to inject herself once more into the limelight, a fleeting starlet wannabe who knows her 15 minutes are up.  She won't leave the stage, but she was only ever a puppet to begin with.  So, we will try to follow Obama's words and avoid the cynicism that underscores our never-read little site here.  We can live up to our children's expectations, and we hope that HIGHpocrisy becomes more farcical, but less disruptive.  And we're off, again.