Monday, June 13, 2011

Right Bak at Cha (a chat among friends)

And so the dialogue goes something like this --
Not-so-silent Rollah (NR): hey Mr. Positive, it's me, the pessimist. Remember how I was saying America is an empire in decline and all that? Scroll around our blog, it's got good stuff. Obama may be the smartest guy to be elected Prez. ever, but how smart can he be if he can't get re-elected against this loser crop? We're still in agreement that ending wars might help, right? Whole lotta deficit crap to waste a trillion dollars now and then, but aside from all that, you are welcome to comment. How about something like a quick 'how-to' guide, some steps that we the people can take right now, to help ourselves and a few of our fellow citizens? Leadership is accountability my friend, but you know that. Vancouver: the new Malibu.

"Paul Revered", long-time friend, hopeful new contributor (PR): This was sent to me today on facebook. Now is the moment to change the country. Now is the time to change the system. Now is the time to wake up the masses to the fact that they have lost the class war. The average American is earning less and and can look forward to spending more on everything from gas to water. You heard me... because people are conserving water, like the water companies told us too, we have to pay more because their revenues are down and they cannot afford to deliver water.

NR: I admire your platitudes, but they're a tad vague, n'est ce pas? How are you changing the system? How are you waking up the masses? I haven't had a raise in 5 yrs, in some of my peak earning years as well. What action can I take right now, Mr. Now? How can I help?  Re: the article, my take-away in 2 words: "making things" - the US doesn't make anything anymore. Income disparity is at an all-time high, but 1 of the 2 major political parties is morally bankrupt, sometimes outright racist, and opposed to a guy who's about as progressive as a corporate centrist can be. Reagan was not transformative b/c he was the best politician (he wasn't even a good one); he was considered transformative b/c he sold his generation a bill of goods. Court, meet Ball.

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