Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Not sure what else to call it.  Yes, the writing and style are phenomenal, but look at the core of that post: the greatest, most obvious example of HIGHpocrisy this country has ever known, maybe ever.  If we can't get KO to join us in what we still refer to as a 'silly little venture', then maybe the estimable Mr. Pierce can do so?  "You think big, you be big, my friend".

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For F**k's Sake

Sometimes, far more frequently these days than we care to remember, a four-letter word is the only word that comes to mind when trying to process days like yesterday. 
Four months have passed since our 'year-ending' last entry on the god-awful tragedy in Newtown.  Time does not heal all wounds.  Now we have fresh, new ones.  So just as we inched closer to getting back into standard HIGHpocrisy fare, like dealing with the President's latest middle finger to the people and party that re-elected him, some insane A-hole (or plural, a-holes) decides to ruin a perfectly boring marathon and plunge us back into the 'pit of despair'. 
In the process, s/he or they -- let's go with 'they' for now, it writes better -- also messed with the wrong icon, like they care.  It was not just Patriots Day in Boston, but the anniversary of when Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier.  All major leaguers wear his number '42' on Jackie Robinson day.  Jackie is one of my personal idols, though he played before my time.  His initials 'JR' are 1 of the reasons I post as J Rollah; a picture of him adorns my faux Facebook page as my profile.  He represents to me all that is good about human nature, and yesterday's perps represent all that is bad.
Maybe someday, if the grief and anger subside, we can get back to our silly little venture here, infinitesimally small compared to the stuff we should be writing about.  We can honor Jackie properly then.  We can strive to live up to the ideals for which we think he stood.  But not this day.  In public, back in his time, Jackie may have taken the high road in the face of such vitriol, but to whoever did this in Boston, all I can say at this moment is, "F**k you!"  For tearing up lives & families, for forcing average citizens to become something they didn't want or ask to become, even for not letting us enjoy a single day, "F**k you!" 
No, I don't feel better yet, it doesn't go away.  Here's to praying that the four-letter word doesn't rear its ugly head so much in the future.  Here's to hoping for that better tomorrow.  Yes, to answer Craig Ferguson's question from last night, I am sick of this sh**!