Friday, October 31, 2008

4 days

I was going to focus solely on her moosey maverickiness, with stuff like this. Or this too. [Try to watch the 3 minute video … see if you recognize a rational honest point being made by Reagan’s former chief of staff (and in a normal-sounding voice, not angry, not bitter or shrill), and then compare to the moosechurian. Mcsenile met her once, never vetted her, and had all kinds of time betw. March and August to pick who he thought would be the most qualified for veep. End of story.]

It is very easy to keep this site going with just that level of HHHighpocrisy. But with only 4 days left, and only a couple of friends to read my posts, I can be funny the other days. Somehow, I missed a chance to be serious. Plus, I usually laugh more at my own stuff than others do.

No Kool-Aid served here. It does remind me why I still oppose Obama on FISA, why Schumer and Feinstein should never have caved on Mukasey’s nomination. There is a subtle criminality in many ways to w and his team, or in some cases no subtlety at all; they just push the envelope with whatever they can get away with. Commit treason by outing a CIA agent? No problem. Torture? Domestic spying? I bet we could name a lot. And yet, as the article says, here we are. These are the choices we have within what is still a broken system. Part of me still wants Dennis Kucinich to re-read his Articles of Impeachment. Part of me has no respect for Pelosi or Reid, who both shot their collective credibility wad back in January 2007 when they took impeachment off the table. I see this doofwad destroy our country, destroy the very document he swore to uphold and protect, and it makes me wretch that he's not going to prison. And yet, I couldn't bet on what will take longer: Cal making another Rose Bowl, the Cubs winning a World Series, or the bushies even being charged with a war crime (or 2), let alone being impeached. He'll retreat to Crawford, stubbornly oblivious and forever in denial to the carnage he has wrought. So here we are. 4 days to go. I'm left to believe only that Fla 2000 or OH 2004 cannot or will not happen again. After that, let's see what's left over.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bush league

If there was ever a remaining doubt about how the horse-race (new term: horse-sh^&) media covers presidential elections, last night was shiny penny times infinity. Who the F cares what analysts thought about Obama's 30-minute ad? The man has done everything he's needed to do, what more can he say? I watched it, I got a little teary-eyed yes. There's a baseline level of humanity on display there, that's never visible at the rage rallies of his opponents. And doesn't it bug the crap out of you when mcrage delivers only an attack line (even without flubbing it)? He NEVER states ideas or offers solutions. Never! It's "Obama is something bad, I'm not", or, "Obama will do something bad to you, but I won't." And? Is that it? Is that why people should vote for you? I don't think Obama mentioned mcbush once last night by name. He's on a different playing field. Can anyone picture mcgramps or moosey pulling that off? No chance.

[Today's segue: some new poll has 23% of Texans surveyed thinking Obama is muslim.]

So we move sadly to the other 2 exhibits of how bush league, and in league w/ bush, this place is:
(A) Joe the author/Joe the wanna be singer in search of publicity, who confuses john the nominee even today by stiffing him. How dull does the penny have to be before mcrage scratches a backwards J into his own cheek? When the mascot ditches you, things have gone from bad to impossible. Next slogan should be Joe vs. the Volcano, but let's let the Volcano win this one, OK. Otherwise, just call him Joe WTF.

(B) Sarah the destroyer of worlds. How many 15-minute cycles does this one get? Forget all the bells and whistles (clothes and makeup), she was never the shiny penny to begin with. Yet another ethics complaint in AK. Still no press conference w/ follow-up questions. All the misreading of the Constitution? Of course she believes the VP has extra special powers, because she doesn't think she has to settle for 2nd in command, when the geezer who picked her is so old and demented. She said yes, because she's right there waiting for her chance at uber-stardom. Defiant in the face of reality, no blinking allowed. Who does that remind you of? She is the moose-churian candidate.

And therein brings us back to the CRUX of it. Forget the media obsession with the shiny penny. This is still an election about 2 guys, 1 stable, 1 not so much. Mcsame's selection forfeits his chance to win. [Andrew Sullivan: "his unvetted spur-of-the-moment decision to pick Sarah Palin, an unhinged, know-nothing, delusional religious fanatic, as his veep."]

Leadership is about accountability. When you abdicate the latter, you don't get to assert the former.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Highpocrisy, MSM 2nd edition

I've been trying to figure this out for some time, but I don't think I'm there yet. Here's an attempt: the moose-inator says she has nothing to hide in Troopergate, but then hides, but when the report comes out that she abused her office, she claims she didn't abuse anything. Mcnutter butter whines about the liberal media bias (curse you meddling New York Times), despite evidence that he's been given a relative pass on his egregious lies and smears, then complains it's not him, but it's his campaign. I haven't been keeping a running tally, but it just feels like there's more coverage of 'repeat attack on Obama as everything, commie, socialist, muslim, arab', than there is coverage of palin's AK sharing the wealth, her secessionist ties, the witch Dr. and the combined ticket's anti-semitism. The farce of her candidacy should outright doom her and her sugar daddy to an historic loss, right?

[total aside: would the Confederacy be considered terrorists against the Union? Would today's AIP (the First Dude's secessionist party for 7 years)? Didn't the Brits think our Founding Fathers were terrorists instead of revolutionaries, even if they were really just elitist farmers who happened to own people as slaves but didn't want to pay England...?]. Back to it,

Maybe I get the hypocrisy, because if Obama had done anything remotely like what the fringe is accusing him of, which their own party leaders have actually done, palin would be measuring the drapes, shopping for dresses and shoes, and sizing up the mctrain wreck express for its trip to the scrap heap. I come across a Dick (Morris), a Bill-o, and their predictions of a mcsame win. Just like rove predicted minimal GOP losses in '06, maybe it's meant as a pep talk or to counter some pessimism. [On some level, it's about as divorced from reality as you can get: o'reilly's map still has Oregon, Nevada and most of the upper midwest in gray. Sure if you don't actually count votes, it's easy to picture your guy winning].

What I still don't get, and may never get, is that in a few more days, 50 million people will vote for mcgeezer and the most unqualified, unvetted veep choice in history!!! There can't be, in a nation of 300 million people, 1/6th who are that racist, lazy, gullible, uneducated, or ill-informed (or some combo). I'm still waiting for someone to offer a reason s/he would vote FOR mcsame, rather than against obama. Might be a long wait.

So maybe there is some answer found in the corporate media, who "report" the "news" as if every story has 2 sides to it. False equivalencies run amok. But, horse-race = ratings = advertising = $$$. [Isn't there a word when corporation and state merge, to control some kind of message?] Same thing happened in the primaries betw. Obama and Clinton; somewhere along the way, Obama won, but the media kept saying it was still close. I pray that is going on now as well.

But in terms of why? My new theory (today's anyway) is that the MSM is really this century's version of the WWF: entertainment catering to the short-attention span LCD (lowest common denominator). Why? Because they can. Because we have been devolving as a species. When I was in college, I worked at the student radio station doing sports. I once got a press pass to the Oakland Coliseum Arena to cover pro wresting. I almost interviewed Hulk Hogan, but instead talked to Luscious Johnny Valiant, Mr. Wonderful (Paul Orndorff), and of course, Jesse the Body Ventura. It's on tape somewhere from the 1980s. What amazed me then, as now, was how in character they all remained. They could've been open and honest w/ a college kid and his tape recorder; who was going to hear the interviews anyway, really. But they kept to their characters. And so it may be with Faux News, the o'reillys, the palins. Bill won't get another $10 million to speak moderate. Just like her heinous the gov. won't get another $150k spree without the spew. Wouldn't that be a more plausible answer than having these 'whack jobs' actually believe this bile? When the mics are off, they have to become human beings again, don't they? There can't be real demons haunting all of their twisted souls when the darkness comes?

But here comes the general public, Joe and Jane Six-pack, reacting on cue just as they should. They want their villains to be bad, their heroes to be good. They don't mind if the Iron Sheik hits their guy with a chair, because they know it's all scripted and when it counts, good triumphs over evil. Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan were both good and bad in their careers. Then the show ends, and even the most die-hard believers head home, entertained with the memories indellibly etched into their Borg collective. Wait, I can't mix wrestling and Star Trek. Strike that Borg reference. OK, I'm still not there yet... someone turn the cameras back on so I can try again.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For v. Against

I'm sure I could post all the blogs that my like-minded friends send me, if they ever would (or if I ever had any?). It's easy to be fake-American, you just have to know what part of the country to live in, and to think for yourself.

Self-deprecating humor aside, I'm willing to post any 'real' reasons why some 'real' Americans might want to vote for mcsame (and his soul mate). Maybe I can even generate more traffic thru this site. 1 caveat: they can't be myths, lies or smears. We're looking for something legit, befitting a 'real' American, i.e., a real reason to vote FOR mcgramps, rather than against Obama. If you can come up w/ 1, you might be 1 ahead of mccrazy, who has thus far not yet provided even 1 sound basis in the 'vote for me' column.

So far, all I've got comes from an older voter, who gave this as the only reason: because mccrazy's the nominee of the republican party. Real something.

7 days out,

I'm still having nightmares about the moose lady and her grandpa running mate. Why? I'm no therapist, how should I know? A new study supposedly shows 9 in 10 Americans losing sleep over their economic concerns... no word yet on how many are 'real' or 'fake' Americans. Some have to be 'pro-American', and some must be 'anti-'.

It's easy to focus on the HIGHpocrisy (SAT-style): palin is to corrupt Ted Stevens as Obama is to ??? Talk about an 'association' there! Yet I still worry about voter suppression and stolen votes, purging of the rolls, and related mischief from power-hungry hate- and fear-mongers. They really don't like losing do they? I'll repeat again: high turnout, Obama wins.

Maybe there's something unsettling about watching something so unserious as this mccrazy train run on for sooooo long. Maybe my subconscious is still waiting for mcangry to give 1 specific example of what he'd do differently than mcbush, to help this country move forward. Anyone? Anything?

7 more sleepless nights ahead, I can stomach those as long as I can wake up on Weds., 11/5, and see a sweet dream become reality.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A "must-read"

Religious or not, it shouldn't matter.

8 days

is too long; not only to wait for and hope for inevitable change. But also, apparently, to ask people to forgive and forget. LIEberstooge seems to believe we all suffer from short-term memory loss. If Joe the droopy has 1 of those Men in Black neuralizers, he better set it for sometime around the turn of the century. Partner J is uniquely qualified to render his opinion on the Senator formerly known as "Democrat" -- J, we await your wisdom.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Granted, I do get my 'news' from Countdown, Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow and the Daily Show. That won't make me the most prescient blogger alive. But Keith, c'mon, where's the bromance? Show me the love.

I posted yesterday's blog about 12:30 Pacific. KO goes up a short time later and does his 'campaign' comment? Hmmmm... not saying he owes me royalties or writing credits for using the title of my post, but I'd settle for an email reply if I could figure out how to send something in to Countdown. Where is the dang email address for that show, so Keith can see for himself that I don't share his brain?

Monday, October 20, 2008


I Tivo'd the opening: good to have Alec Baldwin thinking Palin was Tina Fey. Funny enough perhaps. Maybe too analytical to ponder why Baldwin and Fey, both anti-palin, would be OK w/ appearing with her; Baldwin writes on HuffPo and ripped palin recently on Bill Maher, but then again:

Moosey's played her part. She is a caricature of herself: the actress as wanna-be starlet, in her greatest performance to date. [See prior post on this topic.] Now either shut her up, keep her off the air (completely) until she answers real questions, or end this sketch with a resounding election defeat in 2 weeks. She's had 1 less press conference w/ follow-ups than Joe the you know what! She criticizes the NY Times while mis-quoting from it! Isn't SNL taped in that liberal elite center. How do you condemn the place and still show up to poke fun at yourself? This just makes all the similar attacks on liberals and media sound that much emptier. She is a walking can of Highpocrisy. Enough of her!

ya think?

From "Meet the Press," 10/19/08, where General Colin Powell endorsed Obama.

"... But Mr. McCain says that he's a washed up terrorist, but then why do we keep talking about him? And why do we have the robocalls going on around the country trying to suggest that because of this very, very limited relationship that Senator Obama has had with Mr. Ayers, somehow Mr. Obama is tainted. What they're trying to connect him to is some kind of terrorist feelings. And I think that's inappropriate." [my emphasis]

Really, ya think? Better late than never, I suppose, from the guy w/ the dangerous vile at the UN was it 5-7 years ago already? How time flies when you're not owning up to your mistakes.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dis-Ingénue 2

Because we can't do batshade all the time. We are about hypocrisy after all...

1) mccrazy's appearance on Letterman: so many points to make. How did Letterman become the best of the political press corps, asking the tough questions? As for the answers, mcsame admits he didn't know moosey well but knew of her reputation as a reformer. Are you FRICKIN KIDDING me? Of course, he didn't know her well. He'd only met her once, around February. So why pick her as your running mate, you idiot? Because your own 1st choice, LIEberstooge, was not an option to the fundamentalist base! A man's gotta pander.
And reputation? Any vetting, any at all, might have helped. Cue Jim Lange: "And it's time to meet the lucky lady you've chosen: she's a feisty hockey-mom w/ a special needs infant, a grandchild on the way, a self-proclaimed maverick reformer, who believes in End Times and good times, snowmobiles and witchDr.s, moose stew and screw you (to the press and her doubters); she won't let anyone or anything (like facts) stand in her way to becoming the next lil' bush/cheney. Heartbeats away? 1, worldviews? 0, and goshdarn proud of it. Here she is... Sarah ... PALIN".

2) mcgeezer and Obama together at the Alfred Smith dinner last night in NY: Dontcha just hate it when your campaign is robo-calling w/ infanticide smears and terr'ist association disguised as race-baiting bile, while at the same time you have to put all your repudiating on hold to get gussied up in a "white"-tie tuxedo to sit on the same dais as "that one", the "other", with only the Catholic archdiocese between you and the arab/muslim? me, too. And then I have to read jokes, just like he does; I have to laugh and eat food just like he does. That soooo undercuts my message of hate. How can I rile up my base, and incite them to violence over this secretive outsider when I have to sit next to him at a debate 1 night, then pretend we're all colleagues the next night? Shouldn't it be obvious by now that I am being forced to appear dishonest and despicable by the same puppets who forced me to pick my soul-mate, because deep down, I am all about honor and honesty? I am not my campaign. I am the walrus, coo-coo-ca-choo.

But if you still want high-brow, read Glenn Greenwald.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

more batshade

During last night's debate, mcgramps lied and said that he's repudiated every time his supporters/soulmates crossed the line into personal attacks, or some similar lie. Sorry, he meant the occasional 'nut' as his campaign referred to them. Instead, he wanted Obama to repudiate Rep. Lewis' remarks (translation: grumpy old white dude, son of admirals, trophy wife beer heiress who's never worked in his life, never been persecuted for having all those opportunities, crying 'no fair' that grumpy old black civil rights icon who mccain himself mentioned as 1 of 3 wise men at Saddleback Church/forum was bothered w/ 1960s flashbacks that didn't otherwise involve time as POW).

And yet, mcracist might've missed a few chances , what with all his other repudiatin' goin on: Sacramento Repub. party website pulls down mock billboard w/ faces of Obama and bin laden that called for waterboarding of Obama (still a U.S. Senator); mcsenile needs context before repudiatin the VA GOP chair whose talking pts were trying to connect Obama and bin laden. But ta-da, mccrazy doesn't need too much context, b/c he'll be appearing with the guy.

And of course, there's always mrs. moose, free of burdens like civility, rational discourse, questions, and even memos ('do we have to pull out of Michigan?' shucks, if Todd pulled out of everywhere he wasn't wanted, I'd never have enough kids to shake at my family values party').
[ouch, that last one was not called for, my bad]. Blank slate though she may be to the neocons, she has no incentive to stop her fanatical followers from keeping their lips to the fire that Rep. Lewis warned they were playing with. Batshade!


From Kagro X, via DailyKos, at the end of a blog describin' the palins' huntin family: "What a bunch of crazy fucking assholes".

Or this, too.

Wife and I decided back when Britney was going through her 'phase' that instead of calling her batshit crazy, we'd just say 'batshade' -- a shade of batshit crazy so unique there's no other way to describe it. mcangry and mrs. moose are both batshade.


I'm 4-0 in tivo'ing but not watching the debates. Reading enough of the blogs, I wish Obama had looked straight at mcgramps and asked, "John, do you really believe the stuff coming out of your rallies? that I'm an arab, muslim terrorist or any combo thereof?" He let mcangry off the hook because there's no way mcC cld've answered that w/o coming across as totally nuts: either he says yes I believe it, nuts, or no, that's not the point, nuts. And then, the post-spin cld've been: why is mccain sitting down and talking w/ his enemies? if Obama is the threat that his campaign says he is, why is mccain sitting there acting like the 2 are U.S. Senators or something. what's he up to?

Alas, Obama seems too cool and classy to have made mcgeezer look even more the fool than he's already been; he didn't take the bait. to his credit. even on the palin Q. 3 weeks left to put that joke ticket out of its misery.

[PS, J's been busy, so let's hope he can get to his 2nd post soon. can't wait to hear about false equivalencies]

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rd 3, guilt game

Curse my blogging technology, but this looks fine in Excel format if I could only post directly.


Perhaps, thanks to more silent partner J, it's ready: the grid. Yippee, i think it works.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Harsher words may never have been written. I’ve alluded to this point in a few posts below, that mcnuts and his peeps all know well and good that O isn’t muslim, or arab (as if being one warrants the denigration). But a caller to this morning’s Stephanie Miller radio show raised the same point in a different way: wouldn’t a US Senator running for President have to be checked out enough by the FBI and CIA and NSA and the others? So it really is the most disingenuous of mccrazy to ask the question of who O is, when he damn well knows the answer. How’s about asking of his soulmate, since he never vetted her in the first place?

I'm grappling with a larger issue here that I haven't been able to articulate over the past few days. If and when I can figure out what I'm trying to say about the topic, I will post.

Friday, October 10, 2008

the way I feel


they can't stand to lose by far...

Not only has mccrazy now attacked MICHELLE Obama for being a lawyer in the same 500-lawyer firm in Chicago as Ayers' wife. But his own propagandist is also claiming that it's Barack Obama who's gone negative. This isn't doubling down, it's taking the 1st rocket ship off the reservation. Who are THESE people? What planet are they even living on? If they want off this version of reality, they're welcome to colonize the moon or Mars. Let 'em all have Alaska.

See TPM website for details,

And all of a sudden, mcINSANE now says let's be respectful at a later rally today??? Sorry, gramps mcnutter butter, but you did start the fire. You and your femme-bot moose eaters. You don't get to wash your blood-stained hands now. Stay in 1968 if you think that's where you left your honor. Talk about unfit! And let's not forget, mcrage did pick palin for her red-meat appeal. No serious candidate, no honorable person would've done that.


They ain't got no alibi, it's ugly. 2 cut and paste jobs here, Daily Kos' Devilstower, again, and former mcnuts campaigner John Weaver:

"This Has To Stop
Fri Oct 10, 2008 at 09:15:01 AM PDT
There's something happening here, and what it is, is all too clear. McCain - Palin rallies over the last few days have disintegrated into festivals of hate, and the two candidates at the center of this are
encouraging it.
There were shouts of "Nobama" and "Socialist" at the mention of the Democratic presidential nominee. There were boos, middle fingers turned up and thumbs turned down as a media caravan moved through the crowd Thursday for a midday town hall gathering featuring John McCain and Sarah Palin. ... In recent days, a campaign that embraced the mantra of "Country First" but is flagging in the polls and scrambling for a way to close the gap as the nation's economy slides into shambles has found itself at the center of an outpouring of raw emotion rare in a presidential race.
Standing at the center of the crowd, McCain and Palin drew on the crowd's energy as they repeatedly trained their fire on Obama.
McCain and Palin are soaking in the crowd's anger, amplifying it, and feeding it back.
"Senator Obama has a clear radical, far-left, pro-abortion record," McCain said after being asked about the issue.
The answer prompted a shower of boos from the crowd members. They booed again when he mentioned William Ayers, who bombed U.S. facilities to protest the Vietnam War as part of the domestic terrorist group the Weather Underground. They booed again at the mention of Rep. Barney Frank, a liberal from Massachusetts.
And McCain is promising more than anger. He's promising that he will name names. He's promising a new economic black list for Wall Street -- and for Capitol Hill.

Just look at that statement for a moment. Two weeks ago, John McCain suspended his campaign and trotted back to Washington, claiming he had to help shepherd in the bailout agreement. Two days ago he was bragging about it. Yet here he is saying that the people "claiming credit" for this agreement need to be prosecuted.
The language McCain and Palin are using: "radical," "palling around with terrorists," "willing co-conspirators" is growing more heated by the day. It's language that's compounded by the "dangerous" commercials McCain is running across the country. It's the kind of language that you use in describing an enemy in wartime. It's the kind of language that not only excuses violence, but encourages it. More and more it sounds as if McCain has inhaled the ghost of Joseph McCarthy and is exhaling the fevered rancor of Charles Coughlin.
The "Straight Talk Express" long ago left the station. "Country First" is the last thing on their minds. Nothing remains of John McCain's campaign but a tight little ball of festering hate. Considering the volatile nature of the country at the moment, and the fear so many are facing as they watch their life savings evaporate, that hate is all too easy to spread. There are millions of Americans looking for someone to blame for this disaster, and McCain is desperate to give them a target. He's said many times that he wants to reach across the aisle, and he's doing that, but he's holding a knife in his hand.
Maybe it's guilt over McCain's decades of voting for and evangelizing for the deregulation that brought on the crisis. Maybe he's desperate that the mob not look at his own record for the source of their troubles. Maybe he's simply angry because he sees his chance slipping away. Whatever it is, it's ugly. And getting uglier. Any decent candidate -- any decent human being -- would be working now to tamp down that ire, not raise it.
What John McCain is doing is no more responsible than tossing lighted matches into a tinder dry forest. Someone is going to get burned."


John Weaver, McCain’s former top strategist, said top Republicans have a responsibility to temper this behavior.
“People need to understand, for moral reasons and the protection of our civil society, the differences with Sen. Obama are ideological, based on clear differences on policy and a lack of experience compared to Sen. McCain,” Weaver said. “And from a purely practical political vantage point, please find me a swing voter, an undecided independent, or a torn female voter that finds an angry mob mentality attractive.”
“Sen. Obama is a classic liberal with an outdated economic agenda. We should take that agenda on in a robust manner. As a party we should not and must not stand by as the small amount of haters in our society question whether he is as American as the rest of us. Shame on them and shame on us if we allow this to take hold.”

Thursday, October 9, 2008


There have to be others who see this parallel. Jackie Robinson. Barack Obama. I can imagine Obama as the Jackie of our time in a different arena. Same vile hatred, same implausible excuses. You know if McRage and Moose wanted to, they could easily put a stop to this. They could say, "we're better than that, you betcha, goshdarnit. My friends, that's no way to treat a sitting U.S. Senator, our political opponent, and a candidate for President of the United States" (of America for those still unsure). They know he's not a Muslim. Not a terrorist. Not even associated w/ Ayers, and even less associated than some of McAnger's and Race-baiter's more direct associations. Just as they know he's not to blame for the economy.
But they don't put a stop to it, they encourage the hate-mongering; they want it. Crave it. We know they're soulless; b/c to treat someone of that stature who has done nothing to them, it's not humanity on display here. Not sure why, since it doesn't seem to be the sort of tactic to turn undecideds... but pretty sure it has to be similar to what Jackie endured when he broke the color barrier in pro ball. The Dodgers needed someone of his character to be the 1st; the "one" who could turn the other cheek. So it is w/ Obama in this election. One would think the same muck could not seep its way into our political discourse at such a high level, 50-60 years after Jackie. But nope, we're living right through it all over again, with the stakes that much higher. It's not a game to most, but it must be to these sorry excuses for candidates. Repulsive. Here's to Jackie's courage, and to Obama's.

Daily Kos' Devilstower:

Thu Oct 09, 2008 at 10:34:57 AM PDT
Really? Barack Obama once sat on the same school board with a man who had done bad things when Obama was eight years old, and that means Obama hates America. Do I have that straight?
So, my only question for John McCain now: Is
this the best you can do?
Twenty one years in the Senate, two terms in the House, twenty two years in the Navy, and lest we forget five years as a POW, and this is it? This is the way that John Sidney McCain III, son and grandson of admirals decides to exit stage far, far right?
Unable to defend his stance on the issues, unwilling to follow the rules of honor he claimed to endorse, undone by his own anger and shadows from his past, this man, this self-proclaimed maverick goes for the sidelines with the most embarrassing series of schoolyard taunts and sophomoric smears in modern times. How crass. How despicable. How utterly and deeply pathetic.
Pitiful is the word, really, both in the sense of contemptible and in arousing a kind of sick feeling of concern. To have done and seen so much, to have had so many opportunities, to have been given a second chance long after most men had given up the game. And then to spend it this way.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


sometimes, others say what I am saying or want to say, but they get it out there faster and better. so I'll try to just link to their stuff when I can...

maybe as we evolve technically, we can stop the cut and paste job, but not today. this video is what should've kick-started this whole Highpocrisy blog in the 1st place.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

collective sigh

I tivo'd the debate last night and checked the live-blogging. A good night for Obama. I can't watch live b/c I'd get too upset. Don't wanna break the TV. But a couple of Wednesday-morning observations from here at hypocrisy central [shout out to Bob Barr, who's already labeled mcINSANE a hypocrite. Bob, if you're out there, you're welcome to comment]:

1) Biden is spot on today when calling out gov. stalin for her hate-mongering (he didn't say that), but here's the thing: I see her more than ever as the empty pick she was cast to play. She's being asked to give the performance of her life for as long as the show will run. And this ain't Cats, so maybe that means for a few short weeks. She's out there belting to the back rows of the theater. Even the rightwing nutbars, they know she's not qualified, so they focus on her 'star' power. She's the GOP's Obama, w/o any of the substance. As Bob Cesca wrote last night: "She is a disgusting, airheaded freak who, if she looked like Madeleine Albright, would be taunted out of politics forever. But I've heard from more than a few guys who think she's "hot." Hot?! I find her repulsive in every way. She's an ugly, decrepit human being with a dark, twisted, frightening soul. ... And she's a coward, too." [And my wife thinks I'm too critical?] I agree with the coward part though. She can't govern, she has her own skeletons, so all she can do is stay w/in the friendly enclaves of her press- and question-free environment, her sheltered bubble of rallies that may only lack the white pointy hoods for drama and race-baiting, all the while protected from the mean ol' MSMers like Katie frikkin Couric. None of her shtick would play in neutral settings, which leads me to:

2) mcgramps was supposed to excel in the neutral setting of a town hall. but he couldn't bring up the BS guilt by association that his soulmate did at her mob-inciting safe havens. And the reason he couldn't is not b/c he somehow found his misplaced honor. He waved buh-bye to that long ago. The reason is because he would have had to look Obama in the eye. [# of mcC's mentions of the middle class? same as rd 1: 0; # of mcC's mentions of his own running mate's awesome maverickiness? 0] He would've had to attack in person, on the ground, rather than drop the metaphorical bombs of the many wars he has won and knows how to win. Mcblinky blinked. He's human; he's frail and aging. He can lie w/ the best of 'em (including his veep choice) out there in rabid alternate reality world. But w/ millions watching and a few folksy folks hanging around in person who may not have shared beers w/ his pro-war buddies' like graham and LIEberstooge, mcrage couldn't pull off the 'personal' attacks his own campaign was hoping for. And whether that campaign is now to be believed even today (it's not), the ayers and wright crap that would invite scrutiny of his own ticket and their even dicier associations, should hopefully end up in the same scrap heap of political BS that the campaign "suspension" stunt has ended up in.

moose-hating isn't the only hate these 2 canaries share. but ultimately, palin is pathetic even in a supporting role (her future is in TV, not governing), and Tina Fey should get a 2nd Emmy right NOW. Mcelderly is a sad ol' shell, hollow to his core. That certainly does not excuse their behavior on the dark side of the force ("fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate" said Yoda). And to watch the same denigrated corporatist media play the 'fair and balanced' game as if all lies were equal, all attacks of the same level -- therein lies another post for partner J's wrath. I don't feel sorry for any of them. I just want this election to be over with, and it will be, officially, 4 more Wednesday mornings from now.

update: with a new Freudian low for mccrazy calling his fellow citizens, "fellow prisoners" in today's PA stump speech, we can pretty much conclude the man never left Hanoi. Explains way more than I ever could. WOW!

Easy HHH, wives' edition

Cindy McSame, beer heiress and trophy wife, quoted as claiming that Obama's waged the dirtiest campaign in U.S. history. Wow. And she awaits tonight's "town hall" confab (can't call it a debate if her team won't answer Qs), so that hubby mcrage can set the record straight. Problem solved.

Can't wait for her to next tell gov. stalin to chill on that obama = traitor/terrorist hate mongering she's been so fond of this week. They sure don't make glass houses like they used to (out of glass).

For the video-minded:

Rd 2, End times edition

I've been trying to grasp the enormity of how much gutter-riding/scum-swimming/race-baiting has been unleashed by the mcINSANE-moose ticket just in the last 2 days, and we still have 4 more weeks to go. I've tried to keep it funny for the most part. But the more I think about this, their ploy goes beyond a simple culture war. This is serious:

I haven't read Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine book, but I've seen her speak about it and read some snippets here and there. That's the closest to what I feel is happening right now. Aided by lies and typical fear-/hate-mongering to and among an already dumbed down electorate, a sitting governor with no qualifications and no experience, chosen as a stunt with complete disregard for governance, is out there with her soulmate, an aging 72-yr old sitting senator w/ his history of cancer, literally inciting crowds to threaten another sitting Senator w/ violence, labeling him a traitor to his country! For what? To win this election. I should be speechless.

In 2008 (!!!), a group of demented power brokers who can no more take it w/ them to the grave than the rest of us, including their opponents, are literally trying to scare voters away from the 'other' guy b/c he's black, they've so corrupted just enough of their own to fan these hateful flames, against their own country's interest, why? Where's their moral compass? Broken and pointed north towards Alaska's end times region? I have yet to see a plausible explanation for such aberrant and abhorrent behavior. So now, the cynic in me starts thinking the worst:

- the batshade mccrazies are taking the Shock Doctrine to its ultimate conclusion: if we can't win, we will drive this country so far into the abyss that no one, NO ONE, can govern either, b/c there won't be a country left that's worth governing. [talk about treasonous]. They're trying, it would thus appear to me, to sow the seeds of a new-millenium Civil War. Light the fuse and watch as we tear ourselves apart, leaving a shell of our former nation. Like in "Dr. Strangelove", or was it "Spies Like Us", where the crazy general wants a nuclear holocaust in order to preserve the American way of life. Except this is not a movie. It's really happening, right now. By and between a person who can't even rise to the level of being called a 'presidential' candidate. There can be no debate when someone refuses to answer questions. There can be no winner, when the citizens are so enraged by the loser as to threaten the core principles and freedoms of our founders. [Another irony: the Constitution didn't originally abolish slavery, it codified it].

I want to believe that humans have evolved enough from the apes that we can overcome this last, worst attempt to send us back to the stone age. [creationism jokes omitted] Maybe they're hoping for dark or middle ages instead. Either way, the real traitors are those who claim to put country 1st, but only want what's left of the next battle pitting brother against brother, and not even making the case that THAT would be worth fighting for.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Senator Pot, I believe you know Senator 'Black'.

Today's mcnutjob got really crazy really fast: he basically called Obama a liar, and even had the gall to claim that Obama's the one who gets testy and angry when confronted w/ those pesky things like facts. Not that denying your previous remorse over Keating 5 (on which your entire reformer maverick image was based) disqualifies you from being THE hypocrite of your generation, but at least give us a challenge here.

I know the Rovian playbook is to attack your opponent's strengths, but in order to run that play, you still have to be in the game. Mcgramps just checked himself out of game-day reality. This guy is unstable. Tomorrow's walking powder keg should not be fun to watch.

Pedantic Highpocrisy

So simple even Jane six-pack can understand:
- She gets out there shouting "Rev. Wright", but not pastor Muthee. Disprove the witchdoctor part, please. Obama wasn't in the pew for the 30-second clip; McMoose was up there on stage w/her guy.
- She screams "Ayers" in a crowded theater, referring to a NYTimes story that also said the association wasn't there (she now reads the Times?). But apparently not the AIP manifesto, from a party that still wants to secede from the U.S., where hubby Todd was a member for 7 years.
- She can't even read a Starbucks cup w/o messing up the quote, so why should anyone believe anything she has to say? I hate when my worldview gets skewered by coffee cups, but please let her keep talking. Mocha latte: $3.50. Wrath of Madeline Albright: 'priceless".

Read georgia10's post to DailyKos, w/ this key line: "Palinizing is above all the art of distraction". Bingo. She and mcgeezer have no plans, offer no solutions. If they had, we probably would have heard them by now, 1 mo. out. Instead of the old maxim, 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all', their last gasp is now 'if you don't have anything to offer, don't say anything nice'. Demonize = distract. Soulless, the whole lot of them!

PS, over the weekend, I've heard a couple of stories of less-informed CA voters who were still undecided, b/c they had heard or been told Obama was Muslim. [Not that there's anything wrong with that, but don't bother engaging] If you encounter such sheep, just tell them they shouldn't vote if they're that unsure. Better to sit this one out... I've always held: high turnout, Obama wins. Low turnout, he doesn't.

Friday, October 3, 2008

No really….who is more presidential?

One came for a serious debate and one came to run for Senior Class President of the local high school.
It is incredible to me that because the expectations for Palin’s debate performance were set so incredibly low (something like pre-Neanderthal) that she some how gets credit for not imploding in an embarrassing mess of tears and fecal matter. I guess it should come as no surprise that the conservative-controlled MSM is declaring the debate a tie. When will reason and critical thought surpass the obvious efforts of the MSM to prop-up this embarrassing excuse for a Republican ticket? If the polls are to be believed (big “if”), then perhaps we have reached that point. Almost all the polls show Biden won the debate handily. All, except “Sean In-Sanity” and his knuckle dragging buddies at “Faux News”.
That cutesy, beauty pageant, flirtatious, Barbie-come-G.I. Jane garbage was so over the top that I actually thought I might spew all over my living room floor at times. She actually sent a “shout-out” to a bunch of third graders and winked at her father who was in the audience! I don’t care how cute, endearing, or personality filled you thought she was……….this is serious stuff; she is not pledging a sorority! The smiling, the giggling, the cute little winks and scrunchy faces have absolutely no place in this campaign, let alone the debate. This country is engaged in 2 wars, over 4000 American soldiers have been killed, thousands have been permanently injured, our economy is on the precipice, millions of people don’t have access to basic health care, our schools are pitiful and this f*cking, sorry-ass excuse for a leader comes on national television and behaves like some folksy, infomercial bimbo! Give me a break…..where is the seriousness? Where is the statesmanship? Where’s the meat (nod to Wendy’s)? She may be a great neighbor, a terrific hockey mom, hell she can probably down a 6-pack with the best of them, but please, please, please can we please just get everyone to admit that she is completely unfit to be Vice President let alone President, which from my perspective is a pretty strong possibility given the condition of McGeezer. Side note……how do we know that the reason McGrampy can’t raise his arms over his head is because of the injuries he sustained in the war and as a POW? I think there is a strong case to be made that he is already half dead and rigormortis is slowly setting in……a fish rots from the head down and there is some serious fish stench coming from Johnny McFish-Sandwich!
Palin simply does not have the capacity to understand the gravity of the situation. She IS incredibly brave….I’ll give her that. Standing on stage with Joe Biden, in front of 100 million people, and pretending to know a lot more than she does……that takes some serious cast iron testicles. Perhaps we are all giving her more credit than she deserves…..which for me isn’t much. But perhaps the depths of her ignorance and stupidity are far greater. Even a person with a modicum of intelligence and self awareness would be able to understand the gravity of the situation? I would have so much more respect for her if she would just fess-up and admit it……......”ya know what…….I’m like flattered and all that ya know…….you betcha…… John McCain, the White House……but I don’t think I’m gonna be able ta do that Vice President thing… seems like ya need ta have a wee bit more experience and knowledge of stuff like history, politics, economy stuff, and all those fancy subjects that I really didn’t sign-up fer when I was going to all those community colleges and competin in beauty pageants…….no I don’t think I’m ready for that…… thanks but no thanks”!
For all of those people out there that truly still believe Palin is ready to be president I just need to ask…….can you actually see her sitting across the table from any foreign leader, friend or foe? Please, wake up……..the game is over…….she is a monumental failure as a candidate and her 15 minutes have almost certainly elapsed. She may be just like you, but you don’t deserve to be VP either! And for all of those voters who are STILL undecided……..Who is putting his own aspirations to be president before the country? Who would lose a war to win an election? Who is prepared to put an obviously unqualified person in line to be the next president of the U.S.? For the future of this country, please, please, please, stop treating this election like a popularity contest and stop ingesting the spoon-fed nonsense of the MSM and for one single minute just ask yourself these questions. There is ONLY ONE correct decision this November. I hope people have the courage and the intelligence to make it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

HHHHHighpocrisy HOF Inductee

We only began last month, w/ Carly Fiorina enshrined as the 1st five-HHHHH Highpocrite. But her grumpy old candidate is easily going to pass her to become the next inductee. Apparently McGeezer has stated all very recently if not within the last day or so, that he's "not a rich man" (context: he was talking about bad sports bets); and even more alarmingly, that he's proud of his "100% absolute truth" campaign, + he never "complains about the media". We know he lies, we get it. He's a hypocrite. Maybe the best ever. Barry Bonds might give him a run for his money. Some future HOF'er is out there, waiting for the chance.

Since mental fitness is now in play, let's move on to our newest game of 1-word association for the Candidates:
- Obama? [if you say 'black' or some less friendly variation of that word, you've not only lost, but you really aren't the sort of person who should have a vote in this election, which takes place in the year 2008! Go back to sleep, and maybe you can wake up in this millenium]

- Biden? [... we were looking for 'loquacious'...loquacious]

- Palin? [sorry, hockey-mom is hyphenated, so we cannot accept that. same goes for moose-eater, wolf-killer, Joe Six-pack, Cheney-like and pit-bull. 'Out of her league' is an entire phrase, so please direct your hate mail to the conservatives like k.parker and g.will who've already tried to play this game. No, the answer is 'unqualified'. We might have accepted "liar" here also, and "hypocrite", certainly 'secretive', as well as many others we've seen over the entire few weeks that she's been out there as a nominee for Vice-F-in-President: bimbo, idiot, imbecile, farce, joke, etc. We're not calling her these, we're just saying...]

- McSame? [while many of the same rules apply to mcgramps as his soulmate above, e.g., ill-tempered, the answer is 'unfit'. We might've accepted dishonorable, senile, demented, and pathetic. But he does make a stronger case for liar and hypocrite here too. So maybe we should check w/ the judges before moving on to the lightning round].

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

biden - palin II

There's just way too much out there tonight, so my contribution should be brief: this is not a game. It would appear that only 1 party is taking this campaign seriously for America's future (hint: Dems); the other wants this election to be a game b/c they can't accept blame for a gov't they broke (hint: GOP). Whether they wanted it broken, that's another debate.

Tonight was supposed to be about a debate between 2 "candidates" for the office of Vice-President of the United States. Only 1 of those 2 may indeed be qualified (hint: biden). The other has yet to show anything remotely resembling a qualification (hint: palin). She was plucked from obscurity by an angry old man who said beforehand that he'd choose the most qualified person he could find. She was meant as a gimmick, a stunt, a distraction -- in other words, to keep the game going. The angry old man's been lying about her and everything else ever since.

Or, you can read this version:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Again, from TPM:
"...So let's try to recap. On Monday, McCain blamed Obama and Dems for the bailout collapse -- and then decried finger-pointing in the very next sentence. On Tuesday, McCain denied he'd ever blamed them, even as his campaign released an ad blaming them. And today, the McCain campaign released an ad calling for an end to the fingerpointing only a few minutes after his campaign got done pointing a finger directly at Obama."

Yup. And now w/ Sarah Six-pack blaming those mean media elites like couric and gibson, not to mention the pizza joint dude, she has revealed her own candidacy as tragi-comedy of epic proportions. Claiming it's about time the avg American gets a shot at the VP, reminds me of the movie Rocky: 'do you believe America is the land of opportunity? well Apollo does, and he's going to prove it to the whole world by giving an unknown a shot at the title.' Too bad we can't ask about 100+ million 'average' Americans if they have felt slighted for 230 years, only to now be redeemed w/ their champion so close to the promised land. [guess we can ask them, when they vote]

Move over, MLK, Sarah has a dream, too: that 1 day, no one will be judged by the content of their character, but how far above or below average someone is, who doesn't read, doesn't bother to learn, but yet can still ascend to the 2nd highest office in the nation b/c her cancer-surviving vote-daddy didn't have the stones to pick who he really wanted, and instead pandered to the extreme wingnuts who don't care at all about governing, only winning.

[added Thurs., 10/2: now I'm reading a lot about pre-debate spin. Who cares? She's not qualified no matter how many note cards she memorizes or how many teleprompters she can read. I don't want a beer w/ these people; I don't want someone who's interchangeable w/ the next hockey-mom, moose-killer. Presidents are supposed to lead, they're supposed to be the smartest people around, the most critical, the most thoughtful. I don't want someone whose worldview is shaped by all magazines and no magazines at the same time. WTF planet are we living on? Oh, yeah, the alternate reality of a racist/lazy electorate in more than 1/2 this country.]