Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Highpocrisy, MSM 2nd edition

I've been trying to figure this out for some time, but I don't think I'm there yet. Here's an attempt: the moose-inator says she has nothing to hide in Troopergate, but then hides, but when the report comes out that she abused her office, she claims she didn't abuse anything. Mcnutter butter whines about the liberal media bias (curse you meddling New York Times), despite evidence that he's been given a relative pass on his egregious lies and smears, then complains it's not him, but it's his campaign. I haven't been keeping a running tally, but it just feels like there's more coverage of 'repeat attack on Obama as everything, commie, socialist, muslim, arab', than there is coverage of palin's AK sharing the wealth, her secessionist ties, the witch Dr. and the combined ticket's anti-semitism. The farce of her candidacy should outright doom her and her sugar daddy to an historic loss, right?

[total aside: would the Confederacy be considered terrorists against the Union? Would today's AIP (the First Dude's secessionist party for 7 years)? Didn't the Brits think our Founding Fathers were terrorists instead of revolutionaries, even if they were really just elitist farmers who happened to own people as slaves but didn't want to pay England...?]. Back to it,

Maybe I get the hypocrisy, because if Obama had done anything remotely like what the fringe is accusing him of, which their own party leaders have actually done, palin would be measuring the drapes, shopping for dresses and shoes, and sizing up the mctrain wreck express for its trip to the scrap heap. I come across a Dick (Morris), a Bill-o, and their predictions of a mcsame win. Just like rove predicted minimal GOP losses in '06, maybe it's meant as a pep talk or to counter some pessimism. [On some level, it's about as divorced from reality as you can get: o'reilly's map still has Oregon, Nevada and most of the upper midwest in gray. Sure if you don't actually count votes, it's easy to picture your guy winning].

What I still don't get, and may never get, is that in a few more days, 50 million people will vote for mcgeezer and the most unqualified, unvetted veep choice in history!!! There can't be, in a nation of 300 million people, 1/6th who are that racist, lazy, gullible, uneducated, or ill-informed (or some combo). I'm still waiting for someone to offer a reason s/he would vote FOR mcsame, rather than against obama. Might be a long wait.

So maybe there is some answer found in the corporate media, who "report" the "news" as if every story has 2 sides to it. False equivalencies run amok. But, horse-race = ratings = advertising = $$$. [Isn't there a word when corporation and state merge, to control some kind of message?] Same thing happened in the primaries betw. Obama and Clinton; somewhere along the way, Obama won, but the media kept saying it was still close. I pray that is going on now as well.

But in terms of why? My new theory (today's anyway) is that the MSM is really this century's version of the WWF: entertainment catering to the short-attention span LCD (lowest common denominator). Why? Because they can. Because we have been devolving as a species. When I was in college, I worked at the student radio station doing sports. I once got a press pass to the Oakland Coliseum Arena to cover pro wresting. I almost interviewed Hulk Hogan, but instead talked to Luscious Johnny Valiant, Mr. Wonderful (Paul Orndorff), and of course, Jesse the Body Ventura. It's on tape somewhere from the 1980s. What amazed me then, as now, was how in character they all remained. They could've been open and honest w/ a college kid and his tape recorder; who was going to hear the interviews anyway, really. But they kept to their characters. And so it may be with Faux News, the o'reillys, the palins. Bill won't get another $10 million to speak moderate. Just like her heinous the gov. won't get another $150k spree without the spew. Wouldn't that be a more plausible answer than having these 'whack jobs' actually believe this bile? When the mics are off, they have to become human beings again, don't they? There can't be real demons haunting all of their twisted souls when the darkness comes?

But here comes the general public, Joe and Jane Six-pack, reacting on cue just as they should. They want their villains to be bad, their heroes to be good. They don't mind if the Iron Sheik hits their guy with a chair, because they know it's all scripted and when it counts, good triumphs over evil. Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan were both good and bad in their careers. Then the show ends, and even the most die-hard believers head home, entertained with the memories indellibly etched into their Borg collective. Wait, I can't mix wrestling and Star Trek. Strike that Borg reference. OK, I'm still not there yet... someone turn the cameras back on so I can try again.

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