Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For v. Against

I'm sure I could post all the blogs that my like-minded friends send me, if they ever would (or if I ever had any?). It's easy to be fake-American, you just have to know what part of the country to live in, and to think for yourself.

Self-deprecating humor aside, I'm willing to post any 'real' reasons why some 'real' Americans might want to vote for mcsame (and his soul mate). Maybe I can even generate more traffic thru this site. 1 caveat: they can't be myths, lies or smears. We're looking for something legit, befitting a 'real' American, i.e., a real reason to vote FOR mcgramps, rather than against Obama. If you can come up w/ 1, you might be 1 ahead of mccrazy, who has thus far not yet provided even 1 sound basis in the 'vote for me' column.

So far, all I've got comes from an older voter, who gave this as the only reason: because mccrazy's the nominee of the republican party. Real something.

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