Monday, October 6, 2008


Senator Pot, I believe you know Senator 'Black'.

Today's mcnutjob got really crazy really fast: he basically called Obama a liar, and even had the gall to claim that Obama's the one who gets testy and angry when confronted w/ those pesky things like facts. Not that denying your previous remorse over Keating 5 (on which your entire reformer maverick image was based) disqualifies you from being THE hypocrite of your generation, but at least give us a challenge here.

I know the Rovian playbook is to attack your opponent's strengths, but in order to run that play, you still have to be in the game. Mcgramps just checked himself out of game-day reality. This guy is unstable. Tomorrow's walking powder keg should not be fun to watch.


J-say said... are as prescient as you are humorous! Not only did you read my mind with your post, I got a stomach ache laughing..."Mocha Latte:$3.50, Wrath of MA: priceless" LOL LOL.
She can't even read a freaking coffee cup!
The sh*t storm is about to start.

Paul said...

These people are desperate.... and it is going to get worse. I'm calling it now, they will make this campaign into one big referendum on race. It won't be couched in double speak, it will be overt. They are like rats trapped in a corner with no way out.

The amazing thing to me is the lack of dirt in the Obama portfolio. They don't have squat on this guy.

I want you to be prepared Rollah. It is going to get a lot worse.

J-say said...

Paul....what did I tell you both months ago? The pure density of fecal matter that is about to be launched on team Obama is going to make anything that Hill/Bill said or did look like a walk in the park! Hunker down fellas, haz-mat suits for everybody!