Tuesday, October 7, 2008

collective sigh

I tivo'd the debate last night and checked the live-blogging. A good night for Obama. I can't watch live b/c I'd get too upset. Don't wanna break the TV. But a couple of Wednesday-morning observations from here at hypocrisy central [shout out to Bob Barr, who's already labeled mcINSANE a hypocrite. Bob, if you're out there, you're welcome to comment]:

1) Biden is spot on today when calling out gov. stalin for her hate-mongering (he didn't say that), but here's the thing: I see her more than ever as the empty pick she was cast to play. She's being asked to give the performance of her life for as long as the show will run. And this ain't Cats, so maybe that means for a few short weeks. She's out there belting to the back rows of the theater. Even the rightwing nutbars, they know she's not qualified, so they focus on her 'star' power. She's the GOP's Obama, w/o any of the substance. As Bob Cesca wrote last night: "She is a disgusting, airheaded freak who, if she looked like Madeleine Albright, would be taunted out of politics forever. But I've heard from more than a few guys who think she's "hot." Hot?! I find her repulsive in every way. She's an ugly, decrepit human being with a dark, twisted, frightening soul. ... And she's a coward, too." [And my wife thinks I'm too critical?] I agree with the coward part though. She can't govern, she has her own skeletons, so all she can do is stay w/in the friendly enclaves of her press- and question-free environment, her sheltered bubble of rallies that may only lack the white pointy hoods for drama and race-baiting, all the while protected from the mean ol' MSMers like Katie frikkin Couric. None of her shtick would play in neutral settings, which leads me to:

2) mcgramps was supposed to excel in the neutral setting of a town hall. but he couldn't bring up the BS guilt by association that his soulmate did at her mob-inciting safe havens. And the reason he couldn't is not b/c he somehow found his misplaced honor. He waved buh-bye to that long ago. The reason is because he would have had to look Obama in the eye. [# of mcC's mentions of the middle class? same as rd 1: 0; # of mcC's mentions of his own running mate's awesome maverickiness? 0] He would've had to attack in person, on the ground, rather than drop the metaphorical bombs of the many wars he has won and knows how to win. Mcblinky blinked. He's human; he's frail and aging. He can lie w/ the best of 'em (including his veep choice) out there in rabid alternate reality world. But w/ millions watching and a few folksy folks hanging around in person who may not have shared beers w/ his pro-war buddies' like graham and LIEberstooge, mcrage couldn't pull off the 'personal' attacks his own campaign was hoping for. And whether that campaign is now to be believed even today (it's not), the ayers and wright crap that would invite scrutiny of his own ticket and their even dicier associations, should hopefully end up in the same scrap heap of political BS that the campaign "suspension" stunt has ended up in.

moose-hating isn't the only hate these 2 canaries share. but ultimately, palin is pathetic even in a supporting role (her future is in TV, not governing), and Tina Fey should get a 2nd Emmy right NOW. Mcelderly is a sad ol' shell, hollow to his core. That certainly does not excuse their behavior on the dark side of the force ("fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate" said Yoda). And to watch the same denigrated corporatist media play the 'fair and balanced' game as if all lies were equal, all attacks of the same level -- therein lies another post for partner J's wrath. I don't feel sorry for any of them. I just want this election to be over with, and it will be, officially, 4 more Wednesday mornings from now.

update: with a new Freudian low for mccrazy calling his fellow citizens, "fellow prisoners" in today's PA stump speech, we can pretty much conclude the man never left Hanoi. Explains way more than I ever could. WOW!

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