Friday, October 17, 2008

Dis-Ingénue 2

Because we can't do batshade all the time. We are about hypocrisy after all...

1) mccrazy's appearance on Letterman: so many points to make. How did Letterman become the best of the political press corps, asking the tough questions? As for the answers, mcsame admits he didn't know moosey well but knew of her reputation as a reformer. Are you FRICKIN KIDDING me? Of course, he didn't know her well. He'd only met her once, around February. So why pick her as your running mate, you idiot? Because your own 1st choice, LIEberstooge, was not an option to the fundamentalist base! A man's gotta pander.
And reputation? Any vetting, any at all, might have helped. Cue Jim Lange: "And it's time to meet the lucky lady you've chosen: she's a feisty hockey-mom w/ a special needs infant, a grandchild on the way, a self-proclaimed maverick reformer, who believes in End Times and good times, snowmobiles and witchDr.s, moose stew and screw you (to the press and her doubters); she won't let anyone or anything (like facts) stand in her way to becoming the next lil' bush/cheney. Heartbeats away? 1, worldviews? 0, and goshdarn proud of it. Here she is... Sarah ... PALIN".

2) mcgeezer and Obama together at the Alfred Smith dinner last night in NY: Dontcha just hate it when your campaign is robo-calling w/ infanticide smears and terr'ist association disguised as race-baiting bile, while at the same time you have to put all your repudiating on hold to get gussied up in a "white"-tie tuxedo to sit on the same dais as "that one", the "other", with only the Catholic archdiocese between you and the arab/muslim? me, too. And then I have to read jokes, just like he does; I have to laugh and eat food just like he does. That soooo undercuts my message of hate. How can I rile up my base, and incite them to violence over this secretive outsider when I have to sit next to him at a debate 1 night, then pretend we're all colleagues the next night? Shouldn't it be obvious by now that I am being forced to appear dishonest and despicable by the same puppets who forced me to pick my soul-mate, because deep down, I am all about honor and honesty? I am not my campaign. I am the walrus, coo-coo-ca-choo.

But if you still want high-brow, read Glenn Greenwald.

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