Thursday, October 9, 2008


There have to be others who see this parallel. Jackie Robinson. Barack Obama. I can imagine Obama as the Jackie of our time in a different arena. Same vile hatred, same implausible excuses. You know if McRage and Moose wanted to, they could easily put a stop to this. They could say, "we're better than that, you betcha, goshdarnit. My friends, that's no way to treat a sitting U.S. Senator, our political opponent, and a candidate for President of the United States" (of America for those still unsure). They know he's not a Muslim. Not a terrorist. Not even associated w/ Ayers, and even less associated than some of McAnger's and Race-baiter's more direct associations. Just as they know he's not to blame for the economy.
But they don't put a stop to it, they encourage the hate-mongering; they want it. Crave it. We know they're soulless; b/c to treat someone of that stature who has done nothing to them, it's not humanity on display here. Not sure why, since it doesn't seem to be the sort of tactic to turn undecideds... but pretty sure it has to be similar to what Jackie endured when he broke the color barrier in pro ball. The Dodgers needed someone of his character to be the 1st; the "one" who could turn the other cheek. So it is w/ Obama in this election. One would think the same muck could not seep its way into our political discourse at such a high level, 50-60 years after Jackie. But nope, we're living right through it all over again, with the stakes that much higher. It's not a game to most, but it must be to these sorry excuses for candidates. Repulsive. Here's to Jackie's courage, and to Obama's.

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