Thursday, October 16, 2008

more batshade

During last night's debate, mcgramps lied and said that he's repudiated every time his supporters/soulmates crossed the line into personal attacks, or some similar lie. Sorry, he meant the occasional 'nut' as his campaign referred to them. Instead, he wanted Obama to repudiate Rep. Lewis' remarks (translation: grumpy old white dude, son of admirals, trophy wife beer heiress who's never worked in his life, never been persecuted for having all those opportunities, crying 'no fair' that grumpy old black civil rights icon who mccain himself mentioned as 1 of 3 wise men at Saddleback Church/forum was bothered w/ 1960s flashbacks that didn't otherwise involve time as POW).

And yet, mcracist might've missed a few chances , what with all his other repudiatin' goin on: Sacramento Repub. party website pulls down mock billboard w/ faces of Obama and bin laden that called for waterboarding of Obama (still a U.S. Senator); mcsenile needs context before repudiatin the VA GOP chair whose talking pts were trying to connect Obama and bin laden. But ta-da, mccrazy doesn't need too much context, b/c he'll be appearing with the guy.

And of course, there's always mrs. moose, free of burdens like civility, rational discourse, questions, and even memos ('do we have to pull out of Michigan?' shucks, if Todd pulled out of everywhere he wasn't wanted, I'd never have enough kids to shake at my family values party').
[ouch, that last one was not called for, my bad]. Blank slate though she may be to the neocons, she has no incentive to stop her fanatical followers from keeping their lips to the fire that Rep. Lewis warned they were playing with. Batshade!

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