Friday, October 3, 2008

No really….who is more presidential?

One came for a serious debate and one came to run for Senior Class President of the local high school.
It is incredible to me that because the expectations for Palin’s debate performance were set so incredibly low (something like pre-Neanderthal) that she some how gets credit for not imploding in an embarrassing mess of tears and fecal matter. I guess it should come as no surprise that the conservative-controlled MSM is declaring the debate a tie. When will reason and critical thought surpass the obvious efforts of the MSM to prop-up this embarrassing excuse for a Republican ticket? If the polls are to be believed (big “if”), then perhaps we have reached that point. Almost all the polls show Biden won the debate handily. All, except “Sean In-Sanity” and his knuckle dragging buddies at “Faux News”.
That cutesy, beauty pageant, flirtatious, Barbie-come-G.I. Jane garbage was so over the top that I actually thought I might spew all over my living room floor at times. She actually sent a “shout-out” to a bunch of third graders and winked at her father who was in the audience! I don’t care how cute, endearing, or personality filled you thought she was……….this is serious stuff; she is not pledging a sorority! The smiling, the giggling, the cute little winks and scrunchy faces have absolutely no place in this campaign, let alone the debate. This country is engaged in 2 wars, over 4000 American soldiers have been killed, thousands have been permanently injured, our economy is on the precipice, millions of people don’t have access to basic health care, our schools are pitiful and this f*cking, sorry-ass excuse for a leader comes on national television and behaves like some folksy, infomercial bimbo! Give me a break…..where is the seriousness? Where is the statesmanship? Where’s the meat (nod to Wendy’s)? She may be a great neighbor, a terrific hockey mom, hell she can probably down a 6-pack with the best of them, but please, please, please can we please just get everyone to admit that she is completely unfit to be Vice President let alone President, which from my perspective is a pretty strong possibility given the condition of McGeezer. Side note……how do we know that the reason McGrampy can’t raise his arms over his head is because of the injuries he sustained in the war and as a POW? I think there is a strong case to be made that he is already half dead and rigormortis is slowly setting in……a fish rots from the head down and there is some serious fish stench coming from Johnny McFish-Sandwich!
Palin simply does not have the capacity to understand the gravity of the situation. She IS incredibly brave….I’ll give her that. Standing on stage with Joe Biden, in front of 100 million people, and pretending to know a lot more than she does……that takes some serious cast iron testicles. Perhaps we are all giving her more credit than she deserves…..which for me isn’t much. But perhaps the depths of her ignorance and stupidity are far greater. Even a person with a modicum of intelligence and self awareness would be able to understand the gravity of the situation? I would have so much more respect for her if she would just fess-up and admit it……......”ya know what…….I’m like flattered and all that ya know…….you betcha…… John McCain, the White House……but I don’t think I’m gonna be able ta do that Vice President thing… seems like ya need ta have a wee bit more experience and knowledge of stuff like history, politics, economy stuff, and all those fancy subjects that I really didn’t sign-up fer when I was going to all those community colleges and competin in beauty pageants…….no I don’t think I’m ready for that…… thanks but no thanks”!
For all of those people out there that truly still believe Palin is ready to be president I just need to ask…….can you actually see her sitting across the table from any foreign leader, friend or foe? Please, wake up……..the game is over…….she is a monumental failure as a candidate and her 15 minutes have almost certainly elapsed. She may be just like you, but you don’t deserve to be VP either! And for all of those voters who are STILL undecided……..Who is putting his own aspirations to be president before the country? Who would lose a war to win an election? Who is prepared to put an obviously unqualified person in line to be the next president of the U.S.? For the future of this country, please, please, please, stop treating this election like a popularity contest and stop ingesting the spoon-fed nonsense of the MSM and for one single minute just ask yourself these questions. There is ONLY ONE correct decision this November. I hope people have the courage and the intelligence to make it.

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