Friday, October 31, 2008

4 days

I was going to focus solely on her moosey maverickiness, with stuff like this. Or this too. [Try to watch the 3 minute video … see if you recognize a rational honest point being made by Reagan’s former chief of staff (and in a normal-sounding voice, not angry, not bitter or shrill), and then compare to the moosechurian. Mcsenile met her once, never vetted her, and had all kinds of time betw. March and August to pick who he thought would be the most qualified for veep. End of story.]

It is very easy to keep this site going with just that level of HHHighpocrisy. But with only 4 days left, and only a couple of friends to read my posts, I can be funny the other days. Somehow, I missed a chance to be serious. Plus, I usually laugh more at my own stuff than others do.

No Kool-Aid served here. It does remind me why I still oppose Obama on FISA, why Schumer and Feinstein should never have caved on Mukasey’s nomination. There is a subtle criminality in many ways to w and his team, or in some cases no subtlety at all; they just push the envelope with whatever they can get away with. Commit treason by outing a CIA agent? No problem. Torture? Domestic spying? I bet we could name a lot. And yet, as the article says, here we are. These are the choices we have within what is still a broken system. Part of me still wants Dennis Kucinich to re-read his Articles of Impeachment. Part of me has no respect for Pelosi or Reid, who both shot their collective credibility wad back in January 2007 when they took impeachment off the table. I see this doofwad destroy our country, destroy the very document he swore to uphold and protect, and it makes me wretch that he's not going to prison. And yet, I couldn't bet on what will take longer: Cal making another Rose Bowl, the Cubs winning a World Series, or the bushies even being charged with a war crime (or 2), let alone being impeached. He'll retreat to Crawford, stubbornly oblivious and forever in denial to the carnage he has wrought. So here we are. 4 days to go. I'm left to believe only that Fla 2000 or OH 2004 cannot or will not happen again. After that, let's see what's left over.

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