Friday, October 10, 2008


they can't stand to lose by far...

Not only has mccrazy now attacked MICHELLE Obama for being a lawyer in the same 500-lawyer firm in Chicago as Ayers' wife. But his own propagandist is also claiming that it's Barack Obama who's gone negative. This isn't doubling down, it's taking the 1st rocket ship off the reservation. Who are THESE people? What planet are they even living on? If they want off this version of reality, they're welcome to colonize the moon or Mars. Let 'em all have Alaska.

See TPM website for details,

And all of a sudden, mcINSANE now says let's be respectful at a later rally today??? Sorry, gramps mcnutter butter, but you did start the fire. You and your femme-bot moose eaters. You don't get to wash your blood-stained hands now. Stay in 1968 if you think that's where you left your honor. Talk about unfit! And let's not forget, mcrage did pick palin for her red-meat appeal. No serious candidate, no honorable person would've done that.

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