Monday, October 20, 2008


I Tivo'd the opening: good to have Alec Baldwin thinking Palin was Tina Fey. Funny enough perhaps. Maybe too analytical to ponder why Baldwin and Fey, both anti-palin, would be OK w/ appearing with her; Baldwin writes on HuffPo and ripped palin recently on Bill Maher, but then again:

Moosey's played her part. She is a caricature of herself: the actress as wanna-be starlet, in her greatest performance to date. [See prior post on this topic.] Now either shut her up, keep her off the air (completely) until she answers real questions, or end this sketch with a resounding election defeat in 2 weeks. She's had 1 less press conference w/ follow-ups than Joe the you know what! She criticizes the NY Times while mis-quoting from it! Isn't SNL taped in that liberal elite center. How do you condemn the place and still show up to poke fun at yourself? This just makes all the similar attacks on liberals and media sound that much emptier. She is a walking can of Highpocrisy. Enough of her!

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