Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Again, from TPM:
"...So let's try to recap. On Monday, McCain blamed Obama and Dems for the bailout collapse -- and then decried finger-pointing in the very next sentence. On Tuesday, McCain denied he'd ever blamed them, even as his campaign released an ad blaming them. And today, the McCain campaign released an ad calling for an end to the fingerpointing only a few minutes after his campaign got done pointing a finger directly at Obama."

Yup. And now w/ Sarah Six-pack blaming those mean media elites like couric and gibson, not to mention the pizza joint dude, she has revealed her own candidacy as tragi-comedy of epic proportions. Claiming it's about time the avg American gets a shot at the VP, reminds me of the movie Rocky: 'do you believe America is the land of opportunity? well Apollo does, and he's going to prove it to the whole world by giving an unknown a shot at the title.' Too bad we can't ask about 100+ million 'average' Americans if they have felt slighted for 230 years, only to now be redeemed w/ their champion so close to the promised land. [guess we can ask them, when they vote]

Move over, MLK, Sarah has a dream, too: that 1 day, no one will be judged by the content of their character, but how far above or below average someone is, who doesn't read, doesn't bother to learn, but yet can still ascend to the 2nd highest office in the nation b/c her cancer-surviving vote-daddy didn't have the stones to pick who he really wanted, and instead pandered to the extreme wingnuts who don't care at all about governing, only winning.

[added Thurs., 10/2: now I'm reading a lot about pre-debate spin. Who cares? She's not qualified no matter how many note cards she memorizes or how many teleprompters she can read. I don't want a beer w/ these people; I don't want someone who's interchangeable w/ the next hockey-mom, moose-killer. Presidents are supposed to lead, they're supposed to be the smartest people around, the most critical, the most thoughtful. I don't want someone whose worldview is shaped by all magazines and no magazines at the same time. WTF planet are we living on? Oh, yeah, the alternate reality of a racist/lazy electorate in more than 1/2 this country.]


J-say said...

Rollah.....I think I need a turbo-laxative.....I just can't seem to get over this whole Grover Norqvist economic cluster-f*#k! How in the world can any semi-conscious human being possibly think that McFossil is the guy to fix this problem?! He has be one of the largest DEregulators since he first started serving......when was that......sometime during the Lincoln administration? If I hear one more person describe McEmpty Suit as a "maverick" I think I'm gonna hurl! During the next debate, everytime gramps says he is a reformer, angent of change, superhero, Obama needs to counter with the McCain = Bush arguement.....EVERY SINGLE TIME!

J-say said...

How pathetic was that Katie Couric follow-up interview with McGrampy and Mooseburger Barbie? That was like getting in trouble in Jr. High School and your Dad has to bring you to school to meet with the principal! "Gotcha journalism".......give me a freakin break!