Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bush league

If there was ever a remaining doubt about how the horse-race (new term: horse-sh^&) media covers presidential elections, last night was shiny penny times infinity. Who the F cares what analysts thought about Obama's 30-minute ad? The man has done everything he's needed to do, what more can he say? I watched it, I got a little teary-eyed yes. There's a baseline level of humanity on display there, that's never visible at the rage rallies of his opponents. And doesn't it bug the crap out of you when mcrage delivers only an attack line (even without flubbing it)? He NEVER states ideas or offers solutions. Never! It's "Obama is something bad, I'm not", or, "Obama will do something bad to you, but I won't." And? Is that it? Is that why people should vote for you? I don't think Obama mentioned mcbush once last night by name. He's on a different playing field. Can anyone picture mcgramps or moosey pulling that off? No chance.

[Today's segue: some new poll has 23% of Texans surveyed thinking Obama is muslim.]

So we move sadly to the other 2 exhibits of how bush league, and in league w/ bush, this place is:
(A) Joe the author/Joe the wanna be singer in search of publicity, who confuses john the nominee even today by stiffing him. How dull does the penny have to be before mcrage scratches a backwards J into his own cheek? When the mascot ditches you, things have gone from bad to impossible. Next slogan should be Joe vs. the Volcano, but let's let the Volcano win this one, OK. Otherwise, just call him Joe WTF.

(B) Sarah the destroyer of worlds. How many 15-minute cycles does this one get? Forget all the bells and whistles (clothes and makeup), she was never the shiny penny to begin with. Yet another ethics complaint in AK. Still no press conference w/ follow-up questions. All the misreading of the Constitution? Of course she believes the VP has extra special powers, because she doesn't think she has to settle for 2nd in command, when the geezer who picked her is so old and demented. She said yes, because she's right there waiting for her chance at uber-stardom. Defiant in the face of reality, no blinking allowed. Who does that remind you of? She is the moose-churian candidate.

And therein brings us back to the CRUX of it. Forget the media obsession with the shiny penny. This is still an election about 2 guys, 1 stable, 1 not so much. Mcsame's selection forfeits his chance to win. [Andrew Sullivan: "his unvetted spur-of-the-moment decision to pick Sarah Palin, an unhinged, know-nothing, delusional religious fanatic, as his veep."]

Leadership is about accountability. When you abdicate the latter, you don't get to assert the former.

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