Thursday, October 2, 2008

HHHHHighpocrisy HOF Inductee

We only began last month, w/ Carly Fiorina enshrined as the 1st five-HHHHH Highpocrite. But her grumpy old candidate is easily going to pass her to become the next inductee. Apparently McGeezer has stated all very recently if not within the last day or so, that he's "not a rich man" (context: he was talking about bad sports bets); and even more alarmingly, that he's proud of his "100% absolute truth" campaign, + he never "complains about the media". We know he lies, we get it. He's a hypocrite. Maybe the best ever. Barry Bonds might give him a run for his money. Some future HOF'er is out there, waiting for the chance.

Since mental fitness is now in play, let's move on to our newest game of 1-word association for the Candidates:
- Obama? [if you say 'black' or some less friendly variation of that word, you've not only lost, but you really aren't the sort of person who should have a vote in this election, which takes place in the year 2008! Go back to sleep, and maybe you can wake up in this millenium]

- Biden? [... we were looking for 'loquacious'...loquacious]

- Palin? [sorry, hockey-mom is hyphenated, so we cannot accept that. same goes for moose-eater, wolf-killer, Joe Six-pack, Cheney-like and pit-bull. 'Out of her league' is an entire phrase, so please direct your hate mail to the conservatives like k.parker and g.will who've already tried to play this game. No, the answer is 'unqualified'. We might have accepted "liar" here also, and "hypocrite", certainly 'secretive', as well as many others we've seen over the entire few weeks that she's been out there as a nominee for Vice-F-in-President: bimbo, idiot, imbecile, farce, joke, etc. We're not calling her these, we're just saying...]

- McSame? [while many of the same rules apply to mcgramps as his soulmate above, e.g., ill-tempered, the answer is 'unfit'. We might've accepted dishonorable, senile, demented, and pathetic. But he does make a stronger case for liar and hypocrite here too. So maybe we should check w/ the judges before moving on to the lightning round].

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

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