Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rd 2, End times edition

I've been trying to grasp the enormity of how much gutter-riding/scum-swimming/race-baiting has been unleashed by the mcINSANE-moose ticket just in the last 2 days, and we still have 4 more weeks to go. I've tried to keep it funny for the most part. But the more I think about this, their ploy goes beyond a simple culture war. This is serious:

I haven't read Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine book, but I've seen her speak about it and read some snippets here and there. That's the closest to what I feel is happening right now. Aided by lies and typical fear-/hate-mongering to and among an already dumbed down electorate, a sitting governor with no qualifications and no experience, chosen as a stunt with complete disregard for governance, is out there with her soulmate, an aging 72-yr old sitting senator w/ his history of cancer, literally inciting crowds to threaten another sitting Senator w/ violence, labeling him a traitor to his country! For what? To win this election. I should be speechless.

In 2008 (!!!), a group of demented power brokers who can no more take it w/ them to the grave than the rest of us, including their opponents, are literally trying to scare voters away from the 'other' guy b/c he's black, they've so corrupted just enough of their own to fan these hateful flames, against their own country's interest, why? Where's their moral compass? Broken and pointed north towards Alaska's end times region? I have yet to see a plausible explanation for such aberrant and abhorrent behavior. So now, the cynic in me starts thinking the worst:

- the batshade mccrazies are taking the Shock Doctrine to its ultimate conclusion: if we can't win, we will drive this country so far into the abyss that no one, NO ONE, can govern either, b/c there won't be a country left that's worth governing. [talk about treasonous]. They're trying, it would thus appear to me, to sow the seeds of a new-millenium Civil War. Light the fuse and watch as we tear ourselves apart, leaving a shell of our former nation. Like in "Dr. Strangelove", or was it "Spies Like Us", where the crazy general wants a nuclear holocaust in order to preserve the American way of life. Except this is not a movie. It's really happening, right now. By and between a person who can't even rise to the level of being called a 'presidential' candidate. There can be no debate when someone refuses to answer questions. There can be no winner, when the citizens are so enraged by the loser as to threaten the core principles and freedoms of our founders. [Another irony: the Constitution didn't originally abolish slavery, it codified it].

I want to believe that humans have evolved enough from the apes that we can overcome this last, worst attempt to send us back to the stone age. [creationism jokes omitted] Maybe they're hoping for dark or middle ages instead. Either way, the real traitors are those who claim to put country 1st, but only want what's left of the next battle pitting brother against brother, and not even making the case that THAT would be worth fighting for.

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