Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm 4-0 in tivo'ing but not watching the debates. Reading enough of the blogs, I wish Obama had looked straight at mcgramps and asked, "John, do you really believe the stuff coming out of your rallies? that I'm an arab, muslim terrorist or any combo thereof?" He let mcangry off the hook because there's no way mcC cld've answered that w/o coming across as totally nuts: either he says yes I believe it, nuts, or no, that's not the point, nuts. And then, the post-spin cld've been: why is mccain sitting down and talking w/ his enemies? if Obama is the threat that his campaign says he is, why is mccain sitting there acting like the 2 are U.S. Senators or something. what's he up to?

Alas, Obama seems too cool and classy to have made mcgeezer look even more the fool than he's already been; he didn't take the bait. to his credit. even on the palin Q. 3 weeks left to put that joke ticket out of its misery.

[PS, J's been busy, so let's hope he can get to his 2nd post soon. can't wait to hear about false equivalencies]

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