Tuesday, October 28, 2008

7 days out,

I'm still having nightmares about the moose lady and her grandpa running mate. Why? I'm no therapist, how should I know? A new study supposedly shows 9 in 10 Americans losing sleep over their economic concerns... no word yet on how many are 'real' or 'fake' Americans. Some have to be 'pro-American', and some must be 'anti-'.

It's easy to focus on the HIGHpocrisy (SAT-style): palin is to corrupt Ted Stevens as Obama is to ??? Talk about an 'association' there! Yet I still worry about voter suppression and stolen votes, purging of the rolls, and related mischief from power-hungry hate- and fear-mongers. They really don't like losing do they? I'll repeat again: high turnout, Obama wins.

Maybe there's something unsettling about watching something so unserious as this mccrazy train run on for sooooo long. Maybe my subconscious is still waiting for mcangry to give 1 specific example of what he'd do differently than mcbush, to help this country move forward. Anyone? Anything?

7 more sleepless nights ahead, I can stomach those as long as I can wake up on Weds., 11/5, and see a sweet dream become reality.

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