Monday, November 3, 2008

A 'final' SNL

There was that ol' maverick himself, yuckin it up with his soul mate, Tina Fey, who still does a better job at performing as the moosechurian than palin does in her own skin. Clever opening, laughs. For a guy who must be soooo scared of losing to the 'other' guy [or, insert name-calling here, there have been too many to count], he sure seemed to be having fun.

How could he possibly joke at a time like this, when it's obviously and painfully serious to all republicans and their hacks that the evil Obama could still eke it out tomorrow? Just look and listen to all the 11th hour slime that mcrage is putting out: all the mailers, and robocalls, and desperate attack ads. If you're trying to scare the few remaining undecided ya-hoos out there into voting for you because your opponent is too dangerous (and it's not like you had time to convince them with previous narratives), then what are you doing on SNL, smiling and laughing at yourself, and your joke of an unserious choice in running mate? It's not like your target audience is staying up late to watch that show for its substance, so which is it, gramps? Smears or reality? Lies or reality? Hate and fear or hope and change? Guess we might get the script on that one soon enough. Stay real, Real America. We'll see you in 1 more day.

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