Tuesday, November 4, 2008

quickie bush

As usual, the more professional blogger enunciates more of what I meant to include about bush in earlier posts, only does so more clearly.

Aside: while I plan to stay up late until I can be reasonably sure the election hasn't been stolen (from Obama, presumably), I cannot picture anyone who still might be undecided walking into that booth. I forwarded my TiVo past an ad or 2 last night, and it's the psuedo-RNC PAC Rev. Wright, ergo Obama must be too radical crap. Who is that supposed to reach? Is there really a Joe the voter who can't make up his mind, but who sees this ad, and says, "I was really torn, but no way I can vote for Obama now." [That presumes that many other 'low-information' voters are not also End Times watchers within the lower 48, otherwise they might have heard about Hagee, Muthee, Parsley/Paisley, Rosemary and Thyme, all the REAL pastor problems of the far-right.] And then I think of a Republican friend -- we all have some -- who says ad hominem attacks = inability to have honest discussion. Yep, there's irony in them thar hills, too.

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