Monday, November 10, 2008


No, Highpocrisy - the Blog, cannot leave yet. There is still plenty to go around. While J still has to get credit for more than just 1 post up here, I will dole out a few random HHs:

1) LIEbertool. No longer just the LIEberstooge, he is officially in whack job territory. Know who says so? Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev. Know how? Because Reid says he's not. And so, too, maybe Chris Dodd, Mr. FISA Filibuster himself. Our take? If the guy had said, 'look, mccain's my friend, i'm going to stand by him', and then he just hung out in the background, behind the scenes, kept quiet, whispering an occasional sweet 'you meant sunni's into mcgramps' ear, maybe, MAYBE, it would've been OK. But that's not what LIEbertool did. He flat out lied in 2006, just to get re-elected. J can tell ya. And then he not only campaigns for his friend, he trashes Obama at the RNC convention and questions the patriotism of his own party's nominee. Our ancestors can tell Joe all about that 40 years of wilderness thing, so, if it were up to me, he'd be out there with the rest of the tools. But now comes word that maybe Obama won't banish him to the Rs. I don't know how this works, but progressives know that LIEbertool would sell his own mother out if it helped him, but Obama is smart enough, has done enough right -- heck, he won!! -- that we'll have to see. I'd just prefer Obama give him 1 of those Fredo kisses on the lips: "I know it was you, Senator, you broke my heart."

2) And speaking of homophopia, what is up with the Prop 8 post-mortem? The Mormon church gave $20-25 million to Yes on 8, because they must believe in the sanctity of 1 man-many wives. But NOW all of a sudden, once it passes, the protests are all over the place. Where was the activism before the election? The reason I buy most so far (more than the 'blacks hate gays' mantra of some) is that liberals and normal people operated in a vacuum -- they never organized enough against this measure. They just figured 'hey, it's California; something like Prop 8 can't pass here.' CA is a big place. Time to wake up and smell the Highpocrisy.

3) And finally, speaking of big places, the AK is still relevant. The Convicted Felon effect is still under way. But oh, the Moosechurian. My earlier posts on how she was playing a part? Notice now that she's back in the literal wilderness, she's not quite the star. She wore a sweatshirt ("AK-grown"?) on the plane home, and her last TV appearance, the hair wasn't up, the clothes weren't the RNC's. Hey gov., the cameras still beam signals back to their stations, and that works all over those NAFTA countries, whatever they're called. If the lights are still on, the party's still going. Spruce it up for the next round, or soon, you'll take the shine right out of Joe the WTF's post-15 minutes. And I don't feel sorry for the anonymous saboteurs, even though tough gal, hockey-mom is calling them mean names, like 'jerks' and 'cowards'. What if they ever came out and said this stuff ON the record? Ooooh, I'd watch that. We're still in sweeps month. And it has been a season of hope.

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