Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Concession, Confession: a blog in 2 parts

Part I - the concession. I can't stand to be pre-empted, so, indulge me. I listened to mcsame's speech and wondered aloud why he couldn't run his campaign that way? I heard some grace and some honor there. But I also heard boos from the crowd he was addressing, his own supporters, when Obama's name was mentioned. Enough (!) with the sore losers already. I've been there, done that; I've had the mcrage. I've seen the passion on both sides - it was probably similar to what I felt when Gore and Kerry both lost to the arrogant ignoramus. My cynicism knew no bounds.

I get the concept of a generic Democrat defeating a generic Republican when the economy is in the "terlet" [do I sound American?]. That concept seemed like consensus back during the primaries, and even a couple Dem candidates, including Hillary, talked up their pool of players, vs. the GOP's pool. That seemed like it was before the nominations were secure, before mcsame08 went gonzo negative, hiring the slimers who slimed him, before Obama beat back the clinton machine, and certainly before mcnuts chose someone he hardly knew, at the last moment, without even vetting the choice. But Obama beat your guy by 6 pts, twice the victory percentage of the current idiot over kerry. Obama got 62 million votes (and counting), dominating the electoral college. So suck on that! Your guy had 5 months to pick a qualified running mate. Instead, he sat on his brains, and flushed his integrity down the latrine when he chose the moosechurian. Ya know what? If Clinton had won the nomination, mcgramps' VP would've been Colin Powell, or someone just like him. The best man won, so deal!

Part II - the confession. Enough of me being negative. I want to take the high road here, but it's so dang hard. How bad do you have to F up this country, so that a black guy can become president ? Bush-Cheney bad.

But in direct inverse proportion to how criminally incompetent those 2 are, Obama is the exceptional person who beat the Clinton machine, and now, who beat the power-brokers and fundamentalists who hijacked the GOP. He's done what no one else has ever done, and he did so w/ class and dignity, when all the while his opponent tried to tear him down with lies and attacks. 230 years ago, this country was founded by slave-owning elitists who lived in 'big' cities like Boston and Philadelphia. 150 years ago, this country almost destroyed itself over slavery. And not even 40+ years ago, blacks had no equal rights. So, while the Prop 8 bull$%^& here in CA gives some pause, our collective psyche should be overcome with elation. That is 1 tough stain to clean out. How emotional was it just for this sheltered white dude to be unshackled from the destructive bonds of only the past 8 years? Try these for cliches., or,

Ultimately, though, I received my new favorite perspective, when I told my older daughter that she could be anything she wanted now. "OK", she said, "I want to be a dog".

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