Monday, June 13, 2011

J's 'blue' period

When J speaks, we post.  Play along at home: put an 'H' (for HIGHpocrisy) in the post if you spot something -- 

"I hate to admit it, because I have always prided myself in being a pretty positive person, but I think I have officially sunk to the depths of “Club Cynicism”. I am so tired of the endless suppository of Fox News horse hooey that is routinely torpedoed up the rectums of the mindless idiots that keep bending over for more. Torn and bleeding, these mental midgets continue to wrap themselves in the American Flag and scream about the dangers of socialism and entitlements, gobbling up the heaping tubs of steamy excrement shoveled into their eager mouths by people who really don’t give two shits if these morons instantaneously combusted and disappeared forever. [H]

Worse still are the people who have the power to affect change and can’t manage to summon the intellectual capacity to take on this nonsense. The arguments being made by the GOP are so dishonest and transparent, yet the Dems are at a complete loss to expose them for the malignant cancer they are. This is why the first commandment of the members of C2 is “Distrust All Politicians”. The only thing to conclude is that they are ALL THE SAME. All they care about is getting re-elected and staying in power. And another thing that gets me is this whole idea that politicians are “public servants”. That’s another load of crap. Fat budgets, huge staffs and cushy hours are light years away from the definition of “public service”. Politicians make more money than teachers…….and work far less!

Nope….there is NOTHING we can do but wait for what is sure to be a “Financial Rapture” of enormous proportions that will create a tipping point for drastic change. Maybe the US dollar is no longer the financial currency of the world and it is substituted with the yuan? When Americans’ investments become worth only a fraction of the value their owners calculated them to be…….that is when the revolution will begin and there will be sufficient critical mass for real, meaningful and lasting change. But for now my friends, I am convinced it will get much worse before it ever has a chance to get better again."

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