Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to the well

We don't check HuffPo anymore, not since the AOL 'merger'.  But occasionally, if something there is linked to something in blogs we do read, we can take a gander.  For example, this.  Agree or disagree? 

We've written plenty in our headier, naive days, about expectations; about how maybe we refused to see what Rachel Maddow and others may have seen all along (Obama as corporate centrist, moderate, etc.); look where we came from to where we are; what Bush hath wrought (he enabled Obama's victory).  We've talked about making history, albeit too briefly, and we've commented on America being an empire in decline.  I guess at this point who cares whether we're right or wrong? 

It's not easy being a leader, globally or in your everyday life.  Like anything, you need to work at it; you need practice and patience to get better at something.  'You fight the fights you can win'; or, 'You fight the fights that need fighting'.  Time to take a stand, set a goal, and get r done.  See you out there.

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