Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It Lives to LIE Again

Well that was fast. The conclusions may be over the top, and too soon, but another bashwagon on LIEberstooge's latest (since last year, didn't we call him "LIEbertool", or was it "LIEberpunk"?) --
- the very, very clinically cynical says that his personal savior the big O, + fellow jew Rahmbo, are calling in their markers to have lil' joe take 1 for the team (the 'we can't break our secret deals' team); no public option for you, so might as well do the WH's bidding. Evil geniuses!
- the less overtly cynical says the guy was bought already; might as well do the industry's bidding. Not a coinkydink that most big insurers rest their greedy heads in his state.
- and the somewhat naive but still cynical-leaning says he's lied before, he'll lie again. It's not like he's going to get re-elected so what does he care?!
- with just a dash of attention-seeking tantrum thrown in to complete the brew: "Hey, did ya see how my esteemed colleague, the Senator from butt-munch, fared this week? Because now it's my turn! I had to stay quiet for months while so many others got to pitch their hissy fits, how do you think that made me feel? Wah-wah, not fair, wah-wah." Somebody give that guy a big binkie and plug his stinkin pie-hole.

On a broader and still funnier note, there could be LIEberspawn. HIGHpocrisy runneth over.

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Rollah said...

Rollah adding: for the attention-starved LIEbermonkey, there's a new "Mission Accomplished" banner. The MSM is falling all over itself because they don't have to think. Sure it's fun to write about here, but Joe should have just launched a silver balloon and had someone pretend that he was trapped inside it, all the while he could have stayed hidden away in Aetna's attic where he belongs.