Tuesday, September 16, 2008


i'm changing our rating system from a 1-10 scale of hypocrisy (10 being highest) to a grading system based on the blog's title of HighPocrisy: how many capital Hs you get. As in,

My new favorite whipping person (whipping boy would be sexist) and inaugual HighPocrite, Carly Fiorina, is at it again: 1st saying that Sarah Palin couldn't run a major company (like HP) but she's not running for that gig. Then trying to clarify later that none of the candidates could, but none of them are running for HP CEO either. Weird? Not on the same day that Carly's former stomping grounds announced a layoff of over 24,000 (stemming from acquisition of EDS), perhaps 1/2 in the U.S. Carly, you can't be in the HighPocrisy hall of fame, b/c this site is only 1 day old, and I don't have an HoF yet. But way to kick things off. She started w/ a 7-8 on the old scale, but now gets 3 capital Hs for her HHHighpocrisy. No wonder she only got $21 mill when she was ousted from HP.

update: Carly sure is feeling it today, not that I can take any credit for her HHHighpocrisy... check out ThinkProgress.org and their excerpt from Rep. Wasserman-Schulz of Fla. Way to take the sting out Carly, by clarifying the difference betw. $40+ million and $21 million. Middle America, here she comes.

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