Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bizarro world, U.S.A.

John Ridley has his Palinguage, 3 volumes, on HuffPo; MSNBC uses Palintology; I've seen others w/ similar variations of the same theme that we are living in an alternate reality. My own little take of how, in 2008, we are living anything but the ‘American’ dream as a collective nation, part HHHHHighpocrisy, part absurdity. Not an exhaustive list by any means:

McCain: 26 yrs in DC, the 'deregulator', top lobbyists paid to run his campaign, but now favors regulation and he's the agent of change???
+ Palin (whom he had met one frickin time): experience ??? [her teleprompter read had meaning and power; Obama’s speech was empty rhetoric; pta-hockey mom-small town mayor qualifies her for VP; mayor and Gov. Tim Kaine not so much; 20-yr old community organizing + verifiable list of accomplishments for Obama, nope not enough either. Geography, not expertise in, just physical proximity to a border = foreign policy.] Her own list is endless

Questions are never allowed, unless their friendly. Otherwise, questions are sexist.
MSM are journalists who fulfill their duty of vetting candidates for the highest office. And who, earlier, had no complicit role in selling a war. Fox doesn’t = propaganda.

An endless war that costs countless lives, millions of refugees, destruction of a country = winning/have won. [more context: WMDs, liberators, private contractors, oil, etc. – this one alone could fill a blog]

Dissent = un-American. We don’t torture. We don’t spy on American citizens.
Faith & politics OK; religion & politics not too bad either
Abstinence only = teen pregnancy = family values if marriage imminent.

Some votes count more than others (e.g., votes for your candidate, not the other person’s; even in tiny towns w/ small-town values. To borrow from Dr. Seuss: a person’s a person, no matter how small(-minded).

Can anyone imagine the Doom on Earth that would ensue if Obama had made even 1 of McSame's gaffes, at any time, let alone all of them, all the time? Plus the lying. Un-real.

Wake up, middle America, you are not going to get a beer with McSame, or moose stew with the lone wolf hunter. They hold you in contempt. They want you to be sheep. And if they don't, then the people really pulling the strings certainly do.

You're out of order, this whole election's out of order.

Augment with your own lists...

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