Monday, September 29, 2008

meltdown (the GOP kind)

Forget the U.S. economy; that's been tanking for awhile. We're talking some serious blubbering by the Boner! wah, wah, speaker pelosi hurt my colleagues' feelings!?!?! really, pelosi offended them to the point they turned on THEIR OWN LEADERSHIP, including econ./war hero POW mcgrampy? pelosi? what would've been next, calling harry reid a bully?

Good thing his campaign came out over the last few days to spin how he was so instrumental in getting the votes for the deal that didn't pass.

He couldn't phone it in, but he did; he was bipartisan but he wasn't; it was his singular leadership but the bailout failed to pass. These morons are just bad liars, and now they're bad people -- I would like to ascribe even more evil to their very real madness, but to do so implies they planned all of this out, that this is the result they wanted and were so many steps ahead of everyone else as if their unique game of chess was even a game. Based on all the $%^& they've pulled in just the last few weeks, that's impossible. They're not that clever.

update to 'not that clever' - mcnuts can whine and kick and scream all he wants about what a tough cookie nancy 'I cave on everything' pelosi is, but he didn't. he made it about obama. seriously! we need to add an infinite number of Hs to this rating scale of Highpocrisy, b/c this old man is rolling home. Lost it! [if he ever had it to begin with] Can someone who's not a partisan hack please give me just 1 example of how mcwhiner is now fit to hold the highest public office? or his soulmate?

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