Tuesday, February 24, 2009

misrememberin' ?

I must not have heard this right: the 30-something-year-old governor of the state devastated by Katrina claiming that because the Federal gov't failed massively on the watch of the worst president ever (R), that we don't need no stinkin gov't now under Obama (D) to help with anything?
J, is that batshade enough for ya?

Update: thanks for commenting, J. As if to prove your point ...

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J-say said...

"Batshade"?!! That idiot is hanging upside down, deep in a cave, somewhere in the twilight zone! I had a hard time listening to that rubbish. For a second I thought about puttin on my jammies and getting my blanky so that I could curl up and listen to some nursury rhymes from the funny looking man with the Vulcan ears and sing-song, Mr. Rogers cadence. Wow, I guess I had the Republican party all wrong.....they really aren't the "lilly-white-all-male-homophobic" group I thought they were! I guess it really is a "big tent" and Bobby-J is the new ring leader! Your Dad was right "BJ"....in America we CAN have anything.....including a sh*t for brains president, supported by a homophobic, racist, intolerant party and controlled by an evil, megalomaniacal VP with visions of taking over the world. If you are so opposed to the stimulus plan why don't you grow a pair and reject the money? That decision will definately earn BJ at least a triple H rating on the Highpocracy meter!