Monday, September 14, 2009

what to believe?

good bill or bad bill? reform or no reform? wait or don't wait? there's a lot to take in, but here's just 1 place to start. yes, the boxing analogy is in there, too (why can't we get credit?), and so is the "inmates running the asylum" line. [Great minds think alike / fools seldom differ]

We might disagree with a few of the points made therein, but the overall gist is close to what we are currently feeling, so we'll go with that. Why then, is Obama saying the same thing about the 'public option' post-speech, but the media reports on all of the caving from Dem leadership and the WH as if there won't be a public option? And if Rahm gets his way, does that mean Obama doesn't? So what does reform look like? Oh, how we wish we had the answers.

J adding, also from the NYT: "the first paragraph says it all...shameful!" But J, haven't you learned that only elitist, commie pinko lib'ruls read that paper and only when it's not perpetuating the lies that lead to war? Why can't you be more prideful in American ignorance? You wouldn't want your children to listen to a smart person about studying when they can read My Pet Goat instead. Welcome to the 21st Century!

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